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    Today's article was written by a guest and is about SSH Keys.

    Thanks to @captain-sensible for the article! As always, feedback is appreciated.
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    New Kali version (2021.3) is out.
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    Today's article explores some ways to examine your uptime...

    There's other ways, but this article covers a few. Feedback is awesome.
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    An article about AC Linux - a distro for the visually impaired...

    I've seen a few comments here and there about the visually impaired, and just came across this recent article.
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    Today's article revisits screenFetch...

    I've mentioned it before, and it's one of my most popular articles, but that was just comparing it to NeoFetch. This one tells folks how to use it. Feedback is awesome.
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    Today's article introduces people to MTR...

    And it is an awesome tool for diagnosing network errors. Feedback is awesome.
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    Today's article is a nice and easy one - update Ubuntu (and similar) from the terminal.

    It's a nice clear article (I think) that tells folks how to update from the terminal and what the commands are doing. Feedback is awesome!
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    Today's article is about updating Fedora from the terminal...

    It may interest some folks and it was 'next' (or at least most interesting) of the notes from which I create my articles. It looked like a fun article to write. If you're unaware, you can (with some work) actually undo updates...
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    Today's article is about understanding 'load average'.

    It wasn't easy to explain and I think I got it right. So, feedback is a great idea for this article! Also, someone notified me that they were unable to view the article. If you have issues, hit the refresh button - but it seems to...
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    An interesting article about 'piracy' and GPL.

    I found it quite interesting. A quote from the article:
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    For reasons, I was looking into Internet Explorer...

    I was curious if it was already EOL or not, and I guess it's still supported. It looks like there's even an IE mode in Edge, but that IE is due to go EOL within the next year. Man... For those of us...
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    Today's article tells you how to create a new user with sudo privileges in Ubuntu

    It'll likely work in a number of distros, but I only bothered testing in Ubuntu and a few derivative VMs. It's a nice and simple article that won't take long to read. Feedback is awesome!
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    Today's article is really only useful if you deal with password protected PDFs.

    This is how to remove said password. I get a password protected PDF every month, sometimes more often. That's a bit annoying. Feedback is awesome, though I admit it's a pretty small group of people who are gonna care.
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    Kernel 5.14 has been released.

    See LWN here:
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    Today's article is just a simple one about finding your network interface name.

    It's a nice short article and pretty easy, but it's good information to have. I always like the feedback.
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    Today's article is mostly just about making sure folks are aware of ShellCheck.

    You can install it locally, easily enough. I see questions here and there that are resolved by simply running it through ShellCheck, though not so many on this site. Feedback is awesome.
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    An interesting article about WD and SSD speeds.

    I'll skip sharing my thoughts on the subject and just link the article. I will also add that I've had great luck with a budget brand storage company called TeamGroup.
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    Lubuntu 20.04.3 has been released.

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    Today's article is about 'nohup'.

    It's useful for when you want open an application from the terminal and want it to stay open when you close the terminal. Feedback is awesome.
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    Here you go, go watch a movie: