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  1. darry1966

    Lesser Known Distros you have used.....

    For me Refracta Beowulf LXDE experimental version. Refracta a Devuan based distro normally XFCE desktop. Iso I have been using: - last one on that page. Forum:
  2. darry1966

    Great Moments in Sports over the Ages

    In this thread I will reminisce about great sporting victories against the odds.
  3. darry1966

    Good TV Series Thread....

    Nelson inspired me with his good movie thread so thought I'd do a tv series one. Starting off with 2 Early Edition been watching this today. Dr Who - Mostly the Classic series.
  4. darry1966

    Locked Threads - Disappointed

    At the risk of being very unpopular I find locking up threads that could be helpful for people with mental illness and addiction to be very unfortunate. I hope that if someone on these forums asks for help I hope the thread won't be locked! Yes I do realise this is a computer Linux forum first...
  5. darry1966

    Urban Legends True or Not True

    I'll start - Urban legends—those unsubstantiated stories of terror that allow us to use our imaginations to fill in increasingly horrifying details with each retelling—have been with us forever. While the internet has made dissemination of them easier, humans...
  6. darry1966

    Trying Out LMDE 4 Debbie

    Not half bad and seems so far to be behaving itself on my HP Pavillion dv6000. so starting to understand why some of you guys like Mint so much. Running with LXDE instead of Cinnamon. Wiped Puppies off this machine and decided to try this out.
  7. darry1966

    The Beer Thread

    Just thoght I'd start this thread on your favourite brews. I'm very fond of Milk Stout and German Beers especially Krombacher especially their wheatbeer. So guys what are your favourite brews/Beer brands??
  8. darry1966

    Murga Forum Puppy Linux

    Hi Guys, Anyone trying to get to the Puppy Linux forums at Murga forums will notice that they are down - it is not known how long. Site reads as follows: Under maintenance The site is currently under maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience, please retry later. alternative new forum here...
  9. darry1966

    Window Managers and Desktop Environments - The Thread

    I'll start the ball rolling fvwm Low Footprint Devuan 64bit chimaera - Noice!!!
  10. darry1966

    lxde vs xfce

    Been using xfce on latest Refracta 64bit system and I reckon xfce uses less ram am I right or do you think otherwise ??
  11. darry1966

    Slitaz 5.0 have you tried it ???

    I am currently using slitaz 5.0 on my HP Pavillion dv6000 and using firefox 77.0.1 on it. Has anybody used it ??? Was shocked it only had glibc 2.14 but go this late ff working on it.
  12. darry1966

    What Internet Browser(s) are you using

    Hi People, Just wondering what browser poople are using?? I'll start off by saying... Seamonkey and Iron Browser.
  13. darry1966

    Systemd vs Sysvinit

    Ok guys here is your opportunity to put forward your thoughts on these 2 initialization systems. I used to be very anti-systemd but have found it not to bad when using Debiandog (Based Debian Live with homemade utilities to make it behave like Puppy). You can also talk about OpenRC or any...
  14. darry1966

    Internet Radio app Yradio and Dogradio

    Hi all, Hi all these apps were originally made by Fredx181 of Murga Forumsfor Puppy and Debiandog and can work in Debian/Ubuntu based distros. Thread: You will need mplayer, conky, curl and yad installed. Yradio is the more current app...
  15. darry1966

    Debian Dog (Dog Linux)

    Hi all, You have heard me rabble on about this little known Debian Live based distro made to act like Puppy. Well here is some info: Basically it is based on Debian Live and can convert...
  16. darry1966

    Refracta Beowulf

    Hi All, Just been playing around with a Refracta Beowulf iso 686 version and have to say very nice effort. Developer is Fsmithred and can be found here along with x64bit version and there is no x versions. Desktop version default is xfce. Test machine...
  17. darry1966

    Devuan Beowulf Beta

    Well tried this one out today and to be honest had mixed feelings about it. On installed it on a Compaq CQ61 - the 32 bit edition. Installation was a mixed bag. It installed ok except for the bootloader and I had to boot into Antix which had Grub2 bootloader repair to re-install grub which...
  18. darry1966

    What is your Daily ride Distro wise???

    Hi Folks, What is your Daily work horse Distro you use for daily computing? Puppy (various mainly Slacko) and Refracta.
  19. darry1966

    Hello from NZ - darry1966

    Hi darry1966, From NZ I was part of the "old gang" saying hello to all.