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  1. Hillbilly H

    Linux Mint 20.2

    Has anyone upgraded yet?
  2. Hillbilly H

    Happy independence day! U.S.A.

  3. Hillbilly H

    emulationstation and snap

    Was thinking about using emulationstation and it requires you to have "snap" but snap requires you to remove "/etc/apt/preferences.d/nosnap.pref" What is nosnap.pref and do i need it? i tried retroarch but it was stuttering bad on all cores and all games. (refresh rate set 60 Hertz)
  4. Hillbilly H

    Retropi for raspberry pi on Mint?

    i have my raspberry pi running Retropi. Can i get that sd card to work on my pc running Mint? P.S. my ROMs are "fair use". P.S.S if this a forbidden subject please delete.
  5. Hillbilly H

    Our school is now running Linux

    As of yesterday all five of our school computers are running Linux Mint 20.1 :D P.S. Yes its a vary small privet school "mostly family"
  6. Hillbilly H

    Video graphics card opinions

    i would like your alls opinions on relatively inexpensive graphics cards. My nvidia geforce gtx 960 ""knockoff"" is showing signs going belly up. What i need is a PCIe 2.0 x16 with hdmi and the most taxing thing it will need to do is run the game "the witcher" :)
  7. Hillbilly H

    Organizing music files?

    My computer is like my barn,work shop... i know the stuff is in there but i will have to go looking.. ;) So what would be the best way to organize this mess? "The music files not the junk" :D FYi i have 20+ years of mp3 and wav and many multiples.
  8. Hillbilly H have spyware/virus?

    Has any one used Too me it look too good to be true.
  9. Hillbilly H

    Linux on a rca android 10 viking tablet?

    is there a Linux distro that can replace the google software that is on a rca android 10 viking tablet??
  10. Hillbilly H

    Recover deleted files on a flash drive?

    Recover deleted files on a flash drive? Can anyone suggest a program? :) i am running Linux Mint 20.1
  11. Hillbilly H

    Media burners? So many to choose!

    fxburn, Brasero, K3b, GnomeBaker,... if you dont mind me asking. What would you recommend for a neophyte. "still working my way up to newb" The first one i looked at was K3b but apparently it dont like other software i have.
  12. Hillbilly H

    flags running lscpu lspci -nn | grep -i vga

    i ran "after using time shift" lscpu lspci -nn | grep -i vga and seen "flags" is this something that is bad? The flags. fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic sep mtr r pge mca cmov pat pse36 clflush dts acpi mmx f xsr sse...
  13. Hillbilly H

    The back woods country music

    LOL For those who love country and bluegrass music.
  14. Hillbilly H

    [Solved] faststone substitute?

    Found XnView MP but its a 2.5+-gig download. What are you all using?
  15. Hillbilly H

    A good read "Inside an International Tech-Support Scam"
  16. Hillbilly H

    Custom system sounds

    is it possible to create custom system sounds? Mint 20.1
  17. Hillbilly H

    its official!

    its official ! i am microsoft free and loving it! Happy,Happy,Happy! :D
  18. Hillbilly H

    Partition hdd for Linux

    Do i need or is it recommended to partition a new 2t hhd for Linux? ive always did it with windows for reinstalling the os but this is Linux. P.S. i am currently running dual boot Mint 19.3 & win7 and upgrading to mint 20.1 only. ;)
  19. Hillbilly H

    Happy Day For Me

    it is official! i am now a neophyte Linux user. Now back to exploring all the cool stuff. :)
  20. Hillbilly H

    Will hughes net work with Linux Mint?

    Will hughesnet work with Linux Mint? i looked on the net and on "hughesnet community" But no one "specifically" says. im looking for a new/different isp and cell phone or satellite are my only options.