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  1. DexTheDog

    RPI 4 laptop thing

    I have started trying to make a portable rpi4 and have found and gotten a TFT LCD Innolux AT056tn04 display for $1 I can power it off of the GPIO but haven't found a way to get the 26 pin ribbon connector to work. Does any one have any ideas?
  2. DexTheDog


    With the release of the steam deck(Linux/steam OS) the idea of a mainstream Linux console is starting to warm up to the public it seems. This brings me to my real point the console "wars" have become nonexistent basically my question is what types of consoles do most Linux users use as emulators...
  3. DexTheDog

    Jriver media software

    Has anyone used jrivers media player?I just tried it and has a nice UI and works with linux a little costly but it is a program not a OS like kodi.
  4. DexTheDog

    (SOLVED) Laptop touchpad drivers

    So I am getting a HP Stream 11-inch HD Laptop (4 Gb of Ram 32 Gb hard drive) that has windows preinstalled I am planing on switching to Ubuntu or Mint. Both of these operating systems support live boot from a usb I am wondering if I could use this to check to see if it would natively support the...
  5. DexTheDog

    Hardware Preferences

    I have already made a post similar to this ( ) as seen on this post almost all people have different preferences.I would be interested to know what specs persons run. On my signature I have a link to a list of my components.
  6. DexTheDog

    I loved my floppydrive space

    does anyone else prefer the old fllopy drive bays for mounting hard drives?
  7. DexTheDog


    A thread for KGIII(post your fav car pics and info)
  8. DexTheDog

    Mint Debian

    Does anyone use Linux Mint Debian? from what I know most people don't know or use Debian Mint. I think it is LTS though
  9. DexTheDog

    What is your favorite pi OS

    Mine is twister but I am always open to trying new Operating Systems.
  10. DexTheDog

    Petroleum Sanding

    I know this sounds weird but for sanding plastic and glass I do water sanding but with petroleum jelly any opinions?
  11. DexTheDog

    RasperyPi 4 Use Ideas

    I have just ordered a RasperyPi 4 from amazon I already have a RasperyPi model B reversion 2. I am wondering if anyone has any ideas for what I could do with my old Pi?
  12. DexTheDog

    PC component brands

    Just wondering what you would choose my first pc had a intel 1st gen i7 and amd gpu I think I am not shr about the gpu but so I am a intel loyalist. So I am just wondering what brand people would choose?
  13. DexTheDog


    Hello my name is Zachary Ashland my username is based on my dogs name Dexter I am going to try and link this page on my posts so people can now my system info. I am a relatively new Linux user but I have used PCs for a while I started with a Win 7 Machine but when I got Win 10 I got...
  14. DexTheDog

    Fuzzy Balls

    Has anyone here played tennis and if so what is your fav tennis ball brand?
  15. DexTheDog

    1 command 2 VM's?

    On a VM the "top" GPU ram amount is like 128 Mb but using the terminal you can set it to 256 Mb so my question is and I have not tried this yet but can you run a VM in a VM and so run two 128 Mb VM's in a 256 Mb VM? In reality, there is no point in doing this but still?
  16. DexTheDog

    I am going to try making a linux based UE5 game

    If you would mind it would be nice if you were a linux gamer if you would leave a idea fo the game type.
  17. DexTheDog

    Search Engine Preferences

    On my Linux drive, I use DuckDuckGo but I am wondering what other users' opinions are?
  18. DexTheDog

    [Solved] GPU Drivers in a VM

    Hello, I just switched to Linux mint cinnamon. I still have a win 10 drive for gaming but I am trying to go full Linux though and game on a win 10 VM. Does anyone know how do get a GPU to show up? And I am aware Wine is a thing.