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  1. LorenDB

    Borked network, likely due to Samba

    The other day I was messing around with Samba settings in YaST on my work PC trying to get logged into our Windows network. In the process, I managed to bork my network settings so that Plasma's network widget shows a connection without any internet access. VirtualBox VMs can access the 'net...
  2. LorenDB

    [SOLVED] Severe boot problems

    I have openSUSE Tumbleweed installed on my work PC (and, for that matter, my personal laptop; but I'm talking about the work PC). The openSUSE installer created/used the existing (I forget which it was) EFI system boot partition. That partition filled up for some reason due to updates, and I...
  3. LorenDB


    Check out this beautiful-looking distro: The site says that JingOS will be available starting January 31st. Read Jason Evanghelo's article on JingOS here:
  4. LorenDB

    Happy birthday

    Today is the birthday of Bjarne Stroustrup, creator of the C++ programming language. He is 70 years old. Thought that some of our resident programmers might find this interesting.
  5. LorenDB

    Snaps are terrible

    I had an eye-opening experience the other day which has served to increase my dislike of Ubuntu's snaps. [Part 1] Snaps have pros, but they have more cons. I can attest to the fact that they look ugly, since they don't match your system theme. They also take up lots of disk space, and some...
  6. LorenDB

    End of Windows? Your thoughts?
  7. LorenDB

    Software review: Howdy

    I found Howdy a few weeks ago while browsing GitHub (that's what programmers do instead of Twitter). It is supposed to be a Linux alternative to Windows Hello. I installed it on my laptop yesterday in order to try it out. My impressions so far: Easy to use if you are familiar with the terminal...
  8. LorenDB

    Any information on the Nanopi ZeroPi?

    I found the NanoPi/FriendlyElec ZeroPi today and I'm pretty impressed. For $10 you get Gigabit Ethernet, USB and MicroUSB, and microSD storage on a 4cm x 4cm board. Does anybody have any experience with this board? P.S. I'm thinking about getting 10 or so and making a Beowulf cluster with them.
  9. LorenDB

    The Linux software that users should know about

    Programs like these are the ones that make Linux the better choice for the average user: GoldenCheetah - "Performance Software for Cyclists, Runners and Triathletes" Power Tab Editor - a guitar tabulature editor Spotify-Qt - a Qt-based Spotify client Otter Browser - A browser recreating the...
  10. LorenDB

    What software does Linux need?

    I'm preparing to don SCUBA gear and dive into the Qt documentation (Yikes! Will I survive?), but I thought that it might be a good idea to know what features I want to learn about first. To that end, I need a project to work on. So I thought that I would see what software people think Linux...
  11. LorenDB

    Arch vs. Void

    I'm considering installing a rolling distro on my laptop in place of Kubuntu and I'm wondering what the main differences are between Arch and Void. I dug up the following already: Arch has more packages (?) Arch is more bleeding-edge Anything I'm missing? Also, if Arch has more packages, are...
  12. LorenDB

    What desktop environments are available for Linux?

    I am trying to find a list of all the desktop environments available for Linux. I already have a number listed: KDE Plasma (my personal favorite) GNOME LXDE LXQt Mate Unity (old, I know, but there is work being done) XFCE Cinnamon Deepin Pantheon Enlightenment UKUI (from Ubuntu Kylin) Budgie...