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    Anyone Using a Linux Phone? Suggestions?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any Linux Phone suggestions? If I could get rid of my Android phone, my abandonment of big tech would be complete! :)
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    Google Photos / Amazon Photo's Alernatives?

    Hi, I'm trying so hard to move away from big tech, and I'm stuck on my cloud photo solution. Ideally, I'm looking for something web/cloud based, and has an Android app. Unfortunately, I can't find anything that has similar features like facial recognition. Any suggestions would be supper...
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    Suggestions for a note taking app? Joplin, or OneNote import?

    Hi folks, I'm about 4 months in from my conversion to Linux Mint from Windows. One of the last apps that I'm really struggling with is a note-taking app. I still have some data in OneNote, but I migrated everything to Joplin, and I'm not really enjoying the app that much at all. It's just...
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    Can I connect Linux to an iSCSI Target?

    Hi Folks, new Linux user here migrating to Windows. I have Linux Mint up and running, and most of it is working very well. I'd like to connect my Linux machine to an ISCSI Target on my local LAN. Is this possible? My research has come up short. I found the resource below regarding open-iscsi...
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    Linux on a Surface Pro 4? Looking for Recommendations?

    Hi Folks, I'm new here, and thanks for having me. I've installed Ubuntu on my Surface Pro 4. It works ok, but not great. Frequent freezing up, and some Wi-Fi drops. I'm about 3 weeks into my attempts to stop using big tech as much as possible. Does anyone know of another version of Linux...