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  1. Nik-Ken-Bah

    How CPU's Work.

    Found this interesting video on How the CPU works The presenter is Christopher Barnatt from Nottingham University teaching computer and future studies there.
  2. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Nik-Ken-Bah's battery thread.

    Since we are jabbering on about Vindows I have a question of any of you that is familiar with their command prompt as I need to diag. the battery on my laptop. Just need to know the commands to see what is plurry going on with it, as its behaviour is erratic. Battery is basically a newie as I...
  3. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Another Query but this time On Voice to text.

    G'day All. Excuse the slightly long intro. I do a lot of thinking about this that and the other and I have some great ideas whilst doing other things on the computer mainly when I am reading. So I thought there are voice to text programs out there in Software land. I could use voice to text...
  4. Nik-Ken-Bah

    AppImg How do you install them to a desktop environment? (query satisfied)

    I have a AppImg sitting in my downloads and I was reading an article by @KGIII and went to a website he suggested and I also noticed that there was one also for the Deb version on their download page. But apart from that when I download a deb file that is not part of the Debian repository...
  5. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Mail server- researching options. (Clarified)

    I am wondering is it possible to set-up a dedicated Email server for myself? Can I set-up on my computer without requiring another dedicated device? What would be a good choice should I require a dedicated device? When setting up a server what are the list of steps, with a few words to describe...
  6. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Saving of Emails on site.(Solved)

    Problem:- I want to be in some way able to down load specific and personal Emails for my archives so that I can view them offline and without having to use a browser to open them. I just tried downloading an Email from Gmail and it downloaded just the original Email but not the subsequent...
  7. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Need a little guidance on VM Box

    Just getting started on using VM Box with Linux Mint 19.2 being the host m/c I believe its called ( correct me should I be in error in thinking that) When I get to the create box I am unsure of which version of Linux to use it is either Debian, Ubuntu or straight out Linux. as per screen shot...
  8. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Questions on PDF's & JSON files.

    OK! Crew here is the problem. I have a PDF book digitised by Bezo's mob which are in Public Domain. The way they have done it is by using images ( that appear to me as being just photocopies) so that you cannot copy any of the text you wish to add to your study notes. I came across this many...
  9. Nik-Ken-Bah

    HP LIP Toolbox

    I have a HP printer/ scanner and was required to use my Vindows driven laptop to access DR HP but not anymore finally was able to locate HP LIP Toolbox in my Software manager. Found it by a fluke as I when I refreshed the packages it contains and just browsed the accessories list and there it...
  10. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Gremlins in using the Terminal.

    Ok! What I was doing. Trying to check the integrity of a few distros I downloaded. I cd into the folder containing said distros. I had allocated each distro with their own folders. That went OK. :) So the path was this cd J_ISO (main folder ) done -- cd MX (folder.) returned bash: cd: MX: No...
  11. Nik-Ken-Bah

    A query about Virtual boxes

    Just a quick one. Been thinking about virtual boxes as I hear so many Linux oriented You-tubers talk about using a virtual machine or box. Even in one of the PDF's I downloaded about security was talking about it and using it to run the exercises. So what is the the most reliable one to use...
  12. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Who have loved and now Gparted

    Just a quickie Is the a Video on Gparted? Yea or Nae
  13. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Switching between back panel sockets to front panel sockets.

    Problem: I have a ASUS , xonar DSK sound card which was installed as at the time I was using Win 7 when I built the computer so had no problem accessing the software control panel {S C P} to manipulate the board and switching between front and back sockets. Which I require when using an...
  14. Nik-Ken-Bah

    A Farrago of Of shoes and ships - and sealing wax

    “The time has come," the walrus said, "to talk of many things: Of shoes and ships - and sealing wax - of cabbages and kings” ― Lewis Carroll, I have been around, learning, reading and other things Hope everyone is safe and well, About three weeks a go I forgot:eek: a very...
  15. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Side Thread Inquiry

    What is a good brand of SSD? I'm currently looking at an SSD to load my main distro onto along with four or five others based on Arch, Slackware, etc besides Debian/Ubuntu based Mint so that I have at least three or four other distros play with. I will be using my current 4TB of HDD for...
  16. Nik-Ken-Bah

    From Drawing (ODG) format to Picture (JPG) Format

    Can someone point me to a program whereby I can take a drawing created in Libre Drawing and convert it to a JPG or other picture file format. like the following to this which is in JPG Format
  17. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Speakers full bore, volume control ditto barely audible.

    This is my audio set-up Audio: Device-1: NVIDIA vendor: ASUSTeK driver: snd_hda_intel v: kernel bus ID: 01:00.1 chip ID: 10de:0fbc Device-2: C-Media CMI8788 [Oxygen HD Audio] vendor: ASUSTeK driver: snd_virtuoso v: kernel bus ID: 03:00.0 chip ID...
  18. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Just a general aside Query regarding browsers.

    To many of you may think this question a bit silly but Linux is not Vindows. With browsers they are able to sit along side each other on the task bar, true? I am asking just clarify my mind as I have a few things that are taking up my mind and Linux is at the moment is not high on the...
  19. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Just a query regarding PDF veiwers

    What is a good alternative to Document viewer? The reason I ask is that when it renders a page and you try and copy a line or two it highlights about half a dozen words then highlights other text then more of what you want to copy. And when you do paste into Libre Writer it is all over the...
  20. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Just a Wonderin'

    Does any one know of an application that can convert full web pages into PDF format? As it would make reading easier for this little black duck and also keep my files tidier.