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    Different Versioln?

    Hi Guys, I think I'm posting in the correct place, if not, let me know. I have an old PC that I want to switch over to Linux. I alreaady have an old PC that I have installed Linux Mint on, and so I think I'd like to try a different version. I'm thinking perhaps Ubuntu or Cinnamon. I am not...
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    In case you were wondering.....

    where I disappeared to. COVIC19 has nothing on me. I'm now busy chasing a kidney stone out of my system. I always was the odd man out.
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    Apps I want

    Hello, all my fine Linux friends. I'm coming at you with yet another question. I have an app on my Android tablets and my iPhone called "Laudate". It's a great app and I'd liked to put it on my Linux PC. I have found a site that tells me how to do it...
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    Clear browser cache??

    I don't know why I'm so lost here, I clear the caches on my tablets all the time, but I can't figure out where or how to do this. Suggestions?
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    Bookmarks for this forum

    I have bookmarked any number of replies I get from you wonderful people on this forum. Do you think I can actually FIND said bookmarks????? Can someone please tell me how to access the bookmarks I've created for Forum discussions? Thanks again, Linux-Mint-Challenged, Granny Sue
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    Too much email

    Hi, I have a bad habit of not checking my emails ~ to the tune of over 22,000. It started when I got so sick I didn't really care about them, many years ago. I'm trying to get rid of them now and you can well imagine the daunting process it is. But the real problem is opening Thunderbird...
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    Broken Shoulder

    I'm really sorry about your shoulder, Wiz. Thanks for keeping us updated. Can you even type with that sore baby? Or are you dictating to a stenographer? Anyway, you're in my thoughts prayers.;)
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    Printers - again

    I have a confession to make: I don't understand drivers, why we need them, how they work and how they help me. That being said, any of you kind gurus out there who suggest I install drivers for certain things will quickly understand why my eyes glaze over, my brain stops functioning when I even...
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    Google Drive

    I installed an app through the software mgr titled, "VGrive." It lets me get to my Google Drive app through Linux. The problem is, the app asked me if I wanted to sync my drive. I answered in the affirmative and what do you know? I now have my entire google drive saved to this PC. My...
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    Oh, I feel like such an infant! I was trying to add the temp & weather to my system tray and I seem to have outdone myself. But now I can't figure out how to get rid of the extras. Any suggestions? (screenshot attached)
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    Printer Problems

    Disclaimer: not sure if this is in the right place, please feel free to move if necessary. I have an Epson NX420 printer that I finally got hooked up to my Compaq PC. I was able to get the printer running, but I have changed the ink cartridges and cannot get them aligned. These are not the...
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    Solitaire Game PysolFC

    I've tried downloading this game from the Software Manager on Mint. When it's installed, instead of seeing the usual Launch and Remove buttons, the only button that appears is Remove. When I go to my list of installed apps, it's nowhere to be found, even though I supposedly just installed it...
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    Slow going...

    If this needs to be posted elsewhere, please let me know. When I run a browser of any sort, I'm known to have multiple tabs open, usually up to 7 or 8. My syst4em starts slowing down as soon as I open the browser, then gets progressively slower as I open more tabs. Is this a processor...
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    Sharing Software?

    I'm not sure where to post this, so I opted for here. I have been using LibreOffice for a few days and have come up with some nice spreadsheets I want to use thoughout each day. Of course, I won't be carrying my PC around, and my tablets (I have 3) are all Android and my phone is an iPhone...
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    Searching Forums

    Hello again, to all my brainiac friends. I was looking through the Mint Forum for an answer to a question and realized I could be looking all night. I tried to find a Search box for this and found none. Can it really be true? Are there really no search boxes for the forums? All of you far...
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    General Downloads

    Hi all you really smart guys. I have looked and looked and cannot find where Linux Mate is hiding my downloads. (This should come as no surprise to me, I can never find my downloads, no matter what device I'm using.) Can some kind person help me out, here? Thanks in advance, Granny Sue
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    Just need some input

    I tend to get on the computer, work for awhile and then go off and do something else, leaving all my windows and tabs open . But I realized after being on the forum for awhile, that if I saw a particular person was onsite, I would expect them to answer me within 5 minutes or so. But then I...
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    How secure is secure?

    Please see the screenshot below. I know Linux is super secure, but when Firefox gives me this message, can I just go ahead or not? (Ultimately I will because this is a state government website, but I'm curious for future reference.
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    Should I install updates?

    Starting to get a little braver, so I clicked on the Update Manager icon in the lower right hand corner. Got the update and what do you know? The system wants to install 90(!) upgrades! Should I do this????
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    Please tell me what this acronym stands for - RUS. Also, is there a list of Linux acronyms somewhere that I can refer to?