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  1. Fanboi

    How Does a Guy... Well, You Know, Have a Conversation

    Hey, so I'm going to stir the pot, kick the hornets' nest, and etcetera. Please note that from the start, I'm not here to make the troublez. Seriously, I do not want a fight because I don't want bad blood between myself and anyone, nor do I want to have to open a new account because of this...
  2. Fanboi

    Looking for "e-Jay"-alike Software [Solved]

    After just wasting the whole of yesterday (and another couple of hours on the forums because I saw some topics that piqued me, my bad), I'm at a loss. Audio production seems to be divided into 2 categories: 1. High-end professional knock-offs 2. None at all I kid ya not. Literally every program...
  3. Fanboi

    Perfect Text Editor Required [Solved]

    I hope I'm posting in the right place this time. I chose the Debian/derivs sub because that's my OS and I only want a text editor from those repos (if possible). I'll take a source, yes, but no other aliens. Currently Using: Kate Main Complaint: Doesn't use multiple windows unless you force a...
  4. Fanboi

    Harro Wurudo

    I was directed here to introduce myself (late, but I love making an entrance). So, by my user name you can guess I'm pretty much guess I'm a geek. Things I'm a fan of (Warning: Lengthy): - 2D Animation (especially the traditional stuff), both Japanese and Western. Obviously my leanings are more...
  5. Fanboi

    PCSX2 Problems/Inconsistencies (Debian VS Manjaro, 1.4 vs 1.5 & 1.6)

    Hi, New here so I hope this is the right sub. Anyway, I've got this rather complex problem, I'll try to break down. PCSX2 on Debian - Versions 1.5 and up are broken on Debian. Specifically, the HW rendering doesn't work (software works). It uses OpenGL. However, if I install the dependencies...