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    Do you use ethernet cable or wireless to connect to your internet?

    hey guys just curious to know if you use ethernet cable or wireless to connect to your internet??? Ive read ethernet is slightly quicker and more stable! was just curious if its actually noticeable or if its only slightly better by degree's??
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    Best Linux command you will ever learn!!!!

    The next time you type a command that required sudo and you forgot to put it infront of the command try this bad boy! sudo !! The !! (bang bang) will repaeat the previous command you typed with sudo infront of it!
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    Linux mint only supports virtualbox v5 and does not allow latest v6 virtualbox or allow update of expansion pack???

    I have had no issues with mint but i did realise the other day that in the software manager mint only seems to support version 5 of virtual box and does not allow expansion pack ( usb use) to be installed. Anybody else had this issue???? This is problematic for me because virtualbox is one of...
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    Why is a directory have the appearence of a text file but system says its a directory????

    for some reason a folder (directory) i have on my desktop has the icon and appearance of a text file (ABC icon written on it). Folder name is called "linux_distros" so i ran command file linux_distros and shell tells me its a directory which it is but then why on the GUI does it appear to be a...
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    Process management, knowing how much cpu, load average is too much or too little???

    Hey guys ive been delving into some process management using top and htop what i would like to know is how does one know how much load average is too much or too litle? obviusly the % percetage stats are easier to understand , as if somethings 100% thats all my cpu , but what about the load...
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    <SOLVED> updating repositories

    hey guys when updating and upgrading repositories i run the command sudo apt update then afterward sudo apt upgrade . what i want to know is the package managers apt and apt-get are these classes as two seperate repositories???. so do i also need to run sudo apt-get update and sudo as well as...
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    <SOLVED> cant work out why im unable to resize disk partitions???

    I have a dual booted macbook with 300G partition for the macosx, 250G partition for linux mint, 8g swap for linux, and another empty partition of around 400G. (1TB HDD total) For some reason using cfdisk it will not let me resize my partition ( as i hardly use mac osx i wanted to make my linux...
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    <SOLVED> Wireshark and learning networking

    Hey guys ive been trying to learn more about networking and recently began using wireshark to analyze my internet traffic in an atempt to help better understand the different network layers, protocols and packet information. I would like to ask if any of you use wireshark and how you learned...
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    Question about processes management, essential processes?

    Hey guys ive been learning more about how to manage processes. What i want to know is how does one thin out their processses to the absolute nececerry tasks??? When i hit top command it tells me theres 186 tasks (143 sleeping) but when i use htop command it tells me theres 108 tasks! I am...
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    <SOLVED> just how many commands are there in linux? ls -1 /bin /sbin /usr/bin | nl???

    hey guys i was playing and practicing with some piping and commands and was trying to come up with a way to count the amount of commands on my system. I came up with this ls -1 /bin /sbin /usr/bin | nl so this does a listing on seperate lines of/bin /sbin and u/usr/bin and used number line and...
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    <SOLVED> linux and programming languages

    have been trying to learn some basic python3 progamming language and whilst doing some reading about linux i came across lots of info all about c programming language and how most of linux is coded using c. So is c probably one of the best languages to learn for a linux user??? am i wasting...
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    <SOLVED> listing all users via commandline......what the hell are all of these users on my machine???? lol

    hey guys so i wanted to list all users on my machine via commandline. I have created 2 users (accounts)on my linux machine. i did my research and used the follwing commands: cat etc/passwd or getent passwd now iwas expecting a simple list of 2 users maybe with login info (as there is 2 users...
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    Linux Learning Resources - Share Yours Too!

    MODERATOR'S NOTE - We haven't seen the author of this Thread for a while, hope he is well and safe. I am pinning this Thread so that we don't lose track of the valuable resources. Take it away, Buddha! :) hey guys some greeat linux resources for anybody wanting to get deeper into the linux, the...
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    <SOLVED> how to list all directory&files within a directory using tree command??????

    hey guys learning commandline and created diretories mkdir -p this/is/a/test/of/making/directories/within/dircetories i wanted to know a command to list everything under "this" directory. i realise using the ls command on "this" will list the directory within "this" but not everything else...
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    <SOLVED> Slackware install boots straight to grub prompt??

    Hey guys I r4ally wanna give Slackware a try but had some trouble installing. I booted Slackware from a usb and it goes straight to a grub prompt > I typed boot . Then it says I need to load the kernel first. I tried to look this up on google found a few comments , tried a few commands...
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    <SOLVED> MR ROBOT SERIES: Reference to linux slackware and kali?????

    Hey guys was just wachin mr robot series . It referenced a scene os linux slackware on a laptop. Most of the way through the series the protagonist hacker eliot always uses pent testing distro kali linux! But in1 particular scene hes handed a laptop and has to do a special task and the laptop is...
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    I'm pretty new to linux but was trying to pimp my command line with some practical apps such as: wiki- wikipedia calculator -cal links - web browser cmatrix - matrix streaming code from the movie matrix crawl - a text based game fortune - everytime you type fortune you get a quote ( fortune...
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    Hey guys ive been getting into the linux command line. I installed a nice matrix code feature from command line sudo apt-get install cmatrix (run with command cmatrix) I came across this goody in a top 100 linux commands article. anyways what I would like to know is how can search what other...
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    <SOLVED> mastering the linux system, having. a solid foundation and best path to achieving this?????

    Hi, I'm fairly new to linux but have been diving right into the command line (bash) learning commands and is loving it and learning more and more about computer systems. I would like to know how does one go about learning the solid foundation of how this system works as a whole???? what im...