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    Anyone using Atomic Pi?

    I have an Atomic Pi and I would like to know if anyone can share their experience of using this SBC.
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    Linux distro for better graphic or better video editing?

    Is there such a thing for better graphic or better video editing of a specific Linux Distro?
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    Laptop touchpad and on-board wifi configuration

    Hello: I have already installed Linux Lite 5.4 on my 8 years old Acer laptop and it worked efficiently with only 2gb ram and a 5400rpm hdd. However, Linux Lite is unable to detect the touchpad and the on-board Wi-Fi chip. Is there any way for me to configure both hardware on my laptop with...
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    atomic pi as web server

    Hello: Had anyone having issue with their atomic pi not being able to do port forwarding with the default Lubuntu OS? Thank you.