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    What is name Linux for Windows?

    I a lot days ago have used collection posix tools with compilers and package manager (other than Cygwin) What is name?, I try search by Google and install -- Maybe Cygwin is better, there collection was only textual, in Cygwin I see names like "Gnome" (?)
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    Apt database format

    1. Apt database is binary, textual or other format? How other programs can access it? 2. Is possible download data from sites - - - in machine convenient form?
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    Is possible web filter for self-control?

    is possible filtering out adult content in Linux like Adult Block on Android or Qustodio or Kasperksy for Windows? In Linux super user has all privileges. Is possible configure or make distro, where user with increased privileges can install programs in /usr/bin like mysql or compilers but can't...