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    I have an installation of Windows on my PC and the windows updates overrides Linux.

    uhm, you know this is a linux forums and not a windows one and I doubt if you can permanently stop windows from screwing you over wiith auto-updates..... Removing windows completely from the dual boot might be the only way
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    Wich Linux Version on a iMac 10.6.8

    i'd personally chose a minimalisitc distro like arch (may not be the best for beginners) with a desktop environment like lxqt/lxde , that thing can run in under 400mb at idle
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    Problem installing Linux mint 20 on Lenovo IdeaPad s340

    what is the problem you are facing?
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    Tutorial: How to Install Ubuntu on a USB Flash Drive

    thanks, gave me the idea of installing arch on a pendrive
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    Suggest me a Linux OS, to run on my OLD 2GB RAM Laptop?

    how about you try something like xfce or lxqt? It's pretty lightweight
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    How is Using Debian Different from Using Ubuntu Derivatives

    Manjaro is based on arch and ubuntu is based on debian so there are differences between manjaro and ubuntu and yes debian will be a bit different but it's pretty stable and you can get used to it with a bit of usage