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  1. kc1di

    KDE Desktop turns 25!

    For those like me who have followed the progress of KDE/Plasma you will be happy to know that It's turning 25 today!
  2. kc1di

    Fedora 35 Beta available

    For those that like cutting edge and testing the new Fedora 35 Beta is available with gnome 41.
  3. kc1di

    If you are thinking of using WSL you may want to think again.

    This is yet another way hackers will try to corrupt your systems. Malware detected.
  4. kc1di

    Happy 30th Birthday Linux

    Today Aug. 25th Linux turns 30 years old. What started as a hobby is now a world wide OS that has matured to be one of the best operating systems ever. :)
  5. kc1di

    For the Newbie

    If you are new to Linux (We all were at one time) and are confused by the many terms and choices you may want to head on over to the Linux fu page which has many free lessons in easy to digest segments. Take your time to enjoy the learning curve.
  6. kc1di

    WWW 30 years old

    The World Wide Web turned 30 years old yesterday. Here's the history. WWW History
  7. kc1di

    Another security flaw that needs patching.

    This one comes on the heels of yesterdays. Linux file system security hole, dubbed Sequoia
  8. kc1di

    Nasty Security flaw in Systemd

    They have discovered a nasty security flaw in systemd which affects all Distros using it. Read more here. Systemd security