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    Mouse scrolling in reverse direction

    Or meanwhile, try to hold the mouse turned 180 degrees ? :p
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    user #99 copying files from external HD.

    No, I'm saying "hfsplus: write access to a journaled filesystem is not supported" !
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    user #99 copying files from external HD.

    I'm afraid it won't work as expected, guys, on my imac system I'm getting "hfsplus: write access to a journaled filesystem is not supported, use the force option at your own risk, mounting read-only." Even when forced, any normal user account does not have write access, only root can... But I'm...
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    It's Official Debian Testing is now Bookworm

    And already received a few hundred updates in a few days, working like a charm for the moment... Cheers !
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    Release of Debian 11 Bullseye is in progress

    We just keep trucking in "testing" ... :cool:
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    Note taking apps

    I'm using P3X OneNote (appimage), accessible on smartphone and tablet.
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    try it with ?
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    My website might have a virus! (Humor.)

    LOL, you ARE wearing a face mask while working on your pc, though ? :D
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    My website might have a virus! (Humor.)

    I hope you are already vaccinated ! :rolleyes:
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    Another security flaw that needs patching.

    kernel 4.19.198 also fixes the issue...
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    Export files according to text file

    You can try it with this : for /F %a in (input.txt) do @echo cp %a ./newfolder/%~nxa it should read all lines in input.txt and copy them to newfolder, preserving the filenames as they are in input.txt. found this solution for a simular question in Windows but should work in Linux as well...
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    Repeatedly Crashing Try to disable Tracker for a while and test your system for a few days. Tracker seems to do funny stuff on your system according to the logs... Cheers ! Eddy.
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    Help Install another distro

    Be aware that the (hidden) DE config files (from MintOS) in your /home folder will be overwritten by the config of any new Manjaro installation. Better is to make a new /home for Manjaro on the 500G SSD and hard-link your personal document-, photo- and video-folders to the /home on the 2TB...
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    we are checking your browser..

    I have just got stuck on the "Captcha" when logging in, using Firefox-ESR and Opera. The cause was my VPN being connected to Canada, reconnecting to an other (european) country solved it... :) Cheers !
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    Should i use sudo when doing ./configure;make;make install?

    Hi there, use ./, ./configure and make as your normal user, but prefix "make install" with sudo to install the program files to /usr/local (which is root-owned). Greetz, Eddy
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    Of all the Windows Feature I Don't Wanna Give Up...

    I have no desktop effects active, very easy to setup... But I do have a close layout / plasma style like macOS ! :)
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    KDE 5.20 desktop, Debian 11 Bullseye/SID, running on my iMac late 2016. Cheers, Eddy
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    Of all the Windows Feature I Don't Wanna Give Up...

    All included in KDE (as shown here through Krusader file manager, also a marvelous piece of software... Cheers, Eddy
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    Of all the Windows Feature I Don't Wanna Give Up...

    Please explain ? I have absolutely NO bouncing widgets in my KDE ! :rolleyes: Cheers, Eddy
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    National Donut Day – June 4, 2021

    I also would like a free donut, though.... But I suspect they can 't send one or two to Belgium, aren't they ?