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    rewrite url parameters with htaccess?

    Hello, been trying to find a htaccess forum on the internet but havent found any so i hope that maybe you guys could help me. at the moment my url look like this: sometimes only one of the parameters are set ie: I want to rewrite the...
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    How do i configure my ssl cert?

    Hello I am trying to install a ssl cert for my XAMPP server on ubuntu server. I am using letsencrypt and I have downloaded it and now I have it in /etc/letsencrypt/live. I think that the next step is to go into virtual hosts and configure the ssl cert with these: SSLEngine on...
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    list of the basics?

    Hello guys. I cant say that I have alot of experience with linux, if any, even tho i have used linux for a while now for coding. I am of course very interested in learning linux so I wonder if you guys could list the absolutely basic things one should be able to do on linux? My brain is...
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    ubuntu+xampp 'show tables' is empty?

    Hello. i am trying to output all the tables of a database but when doing so, the terminal are just saying '->' with no tables being shown. I have tried show tables on the 'test' databases that follows the installation but they also output nothing. I know for a fact that the db I created has...
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    go into the GUI from terminal on VPS?

    Hello. As I have said before, i am VERY new with linux. I just hired a VPS from hetzner and i picked the Ubuntu 18.04. I dont really know if its ubuntu or if its ubuntu server because on another place it says ubuntu-18.04.1-server-amd64.iso. It just makes me confused. When opening the VPS, i...
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    bootable USB fails?

    Hello I am trying to make an USB flash bootable and I wonder which software can help me with this? I am very new to linux but I have tried to use the 'disks'-> restore disk image and I also tried dd sudo dd if=inputfile.iso of=/dev/disk bs=4m so long so good. Thing is when I am restarting the...