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  1. BIgD63

    SNMPv3 Security and Observium

    Hello all, as some of you know I am still quite new to Linux, so please feel free to break things down for someone who is not proficient. I am in a AWS EC2 server environment, we have a couple of ALinux servers, a bunch of AL2, Ubuntu, some CentOS7, one Debioan and a bunch of Windows servers...
  2. BIgD63

    Security software advice

    I am needing to find a cost effective security endpoint software. Currently we are using BitDefender, but it gets expensive, and some servers we cant run it on. Here is what we need to be able to run it on: Ubuntu 16-20 (working on getting the 16's updated) Debian Amazon Linux 2 CentOS
  3. BIgD63

    Failed updates

    Hello all, im new here and fairly new to Linux, i have a CentOS class under my belt and a little hands on experience, but i am running into things that i have no clue about all the time. All of our Linux variants are in AWS (if that matters), this questions is about Ubuntu, but we also have...