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    Ethernet not working, since updating and rebooting

    Suddenly my ethernet stopped working, i didn't touch anything, just updated, upgraded and rebooted, the cable is ok i tested it on my pc and the ethernet works, also ethtool says the link is up and detected, i have no idea what's the problem?, any help, also set static ip 2 weeks ago worked fine...
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    Acidentally deleted ethernet connection, now it doesn't detect it anymore

    So basically i have a orangepi3 which is running armbian buster which is based on debian, and i recently moved it to a different location and used a different ethernet cable, on my main pc i got 100 mbps, but on the orangepi only 10mbps, after hours of troubleshooting i realized that there is a...
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    Problem with accessing nextcloud outside local network, but vnc works outside local network

    I installed nextcloud (this is a software for syncing files from computer and other devices on the server and you can access them there, you can also text, videocall..., it's really cool) i am running on a orangepi3 running armbian which is debian based, i set port forwarding for port 5901 and...