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    Baffled about Q4OS wifi

    I ran a live usb of Q4OS and liked it so i installed it. I cant find a setting that detects my wireless choices at all. I had to connect to my cell phone hotspot to get internet and of course it was "dial up" slow. As I speak I am on Kubuntu (like it!) which i am running along side windows 10. I...
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    Photorec recup_dir files unremovable

    I recently used Photorec Testdisk to recover some files from a 5 TB portable drive. It left several hundred recup_dir files in my home directory and I cant get rid of them no matter how hard I try i just get "access denied" in some way or other. I was able to copy them to another drive. I no...
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    "Authentication Failure" in Terminal AFTER logging in

    I'm sure you have seen this question many times b4. Its a newbie question and I'm a Newbie( to linux ). I'm running Mint 20 and an AMD based system and everything is working quite smoothly except when I try to get root in the terminal. Anytime it asks for my password (the same one I use to log...
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    Boot order and bootloader editing

    Ill start w saying I am quite new to linux and, on the side trying to learn more about it while studying for Comptia A+. I have been building windows PC's for about 15 years or so. You dont know how much you dont know until you start to study and see how much you dont know. (lol) I recently...
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    Two separate drives, 1 linux second drive, 1st drive Windows 10

    So I have had Windows 10 running on my 1st Dirve (m.2 4.0 1TB) and recently wanted to try my hand at Linux. I installed Fedora as an ISO on a thumb drive w Rufus and then fixed the boot order to run the usb stick first. Managed to figure out how to install on my second dr (m.2 3.0 500GB). Now...