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    Start with network interface disabled on Linux

    Hello. I am running Arch Linux on a laptop, with systemd as my init system and iwd to manage my Wi-Fi connection. This is my Neofetch output: -` [email protected] .o+` -------------------------...
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    Steam reports no errors but cannot boot into GUI.

    Hello. I posted a thread about a similar problem to this one, and found that the solution was to install some packages according to a guide on the Internet. It turns out that Steam working after that was merely a coincidence. I am now randomly experiencing the problem, and I am yet again lost...
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    [SOLVED] Tried to install a different video driver, now Steam doesn't work

    Recently I have been trying to get my Steam games working on Lutris. I have had a consistent library issue until I suspected it may be because I needed to install the proprietary video driver instead of the Nouveau drivers I have been using since installation. I wasn't sure how to do this...
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    Arch Linux in Virtual Machine, startx results in missing assets used by the desktop

    I tried running startx on my Arch Linux virtual machine (using Oracle Virtualbox) to test Arch Linux, and I am making new improvements rapidly. I tried to test different display managers to find out which one I was going to install on my computer, and I finally decided I was not going to use...
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    Port forwarding asks for external IP address and nobody knows what to do

    Hi. I created an account just to post this. My friend on Discord is trying to set up port forwarding for a dedicated game server, and that is something I have good experience with. So I helped him, except when he got to the menu it asked for the usual stuff and "External IP address", and I have...