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  1. Wixen

    Simple video editor required.

    I'm trying to get hubby to use the linux lite laptop, but he doesn't seem very keen. He takes lots of mountain bike/motorcycling videos but finds it difficult to edit them in win10, especially now that windows movie maker has gone. I downloaded shotcut for him, but he doesn't like the program...
  2. Wixen


    Hi, I'm Wixen, I live in the south west of England, I'm a huge Star Trek fan, love most things sci-fi and space related, also i'm fascinated by archaeology and ancient history. I'm not particularly technically minded, but I do seem to understand the devices we have at home better than my hubby...
  3. Wixen

    [SOLVED] Help squashfs error cant switch pc off

    OK so I flashed my linux lite iso, install went perfectly until I hit restart, have squash vs error and cant turn pc off or restart. What do I do now?
  4. Wixen

    Old acer laptop, linux noob, have questions

    Probably overthinking this, but here goes.... I have an 11 year old acer aspire 5332, currently running win7 very slowly. I'm thinking of changing the os to linux lite (also open to suggestions). First stumbling block for burning a bootable usb is bios. Bios on my machine is apparently V3.04...