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  1. mag-manoj

    [ARCO] Volume always low.

    Hi there..! I have installed Arco linux as my main OS. The problem is whenever I open VLC or firefox(to watch youtube), the volume is barely hearable. Everytime when I have to do something that has audio, I have to manually open Pulse audio controller, crank up the volume. Before the Arco, I was...
  2. mag-manoj

    Help in installing Garuda Linux

    Hello everyone, thanks for reading this. I've been eyeing to install Garuda Linux as my primary OS. I have a laptop which has both SSD and HDD. The thing is, on most of the tutorials I have read, they select SSD as the installation drive. I have no problem with that. What I want to know is, if I...
  3. mag-manoj

    Need HELP to install Ubuntu Linux

    Hello guys, i'm currently looking to change my OS to Ubuntu Linux. My laptop has both SSD and HDD. If I install my ubuntu linux on SSD, will it leave the files as they're now on HDD. Also, my biggest concern is, will I be able to access my files on HDD, once I installed Ubuntu on SSD? Please...