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    Firefox now shows ads as sponsored address bar suggestions.

    Once upon a time, I donated enough money to Firefox (which wasn't all that much) for them to print my name in a 2 page ad in the NYT paper. Come to think of it, I can't recall if I used my real name or my fake name that I always use for stuff like that. I have a copy of the 'ad' around here...
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    Sync Not Linux Fans

    You don't need a client, if webdav works. Look up how webdav works. There's probably a mobile webdav client - and your file manager probably works like one. If not, multiple file managers do. That's the great thing about it, the hook - if you will. You don't need a client, it supports a...
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    Hello All. .Old Guy

    If we tried to show some excitement, we'd break a hip. :D
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    lenovo t450 with windows 10:

    Download the .iso (you can verify it according to the instructions where you downloaded it). Write it as an image file with Balena Etcher to thumb drive. Reboot your computer and select the one-time boot menu. See: THIS LINK Tell it too boot to USB at that one-time boot menu. Follow the...
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    Australia - The Land Down Under

    Please try to not lump us all in together - especially with that group of people. We have our share of vocal, and our share of ignorant. This also means we have our share of vocal ignorance. Our freedom of speech, and I love it enough to die for it, means we got some dumb sons of b*tches...
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    Hello All. .Old Guy

    Also, I'd say the majority of us are pretty old. Even the younger folks act mostly like old people. We are not a very exciting group of people.
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    Hello All. .Old Guy

    It's not very clear. Are you looking to spend $1400 on Linux education, or you spent $1400 to understand Linux? 'Cause you can learn for free - and/or buy a few books and get a really, really solid education for far less than that.
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    Today's article is about Ubuntu Restricted Extras...

    Hmm... I'd have to check but I think there's some overlap and that each flavor has its own. So, it might be worth an article of its own. Like, there's a lubuntu-restricted-addons, kubuntu-restricted-addons, etc... It's a bit late to do anything 'bout it tonight. Probably... I'm well into my...
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    Error due to up gradating Ubuntu 20.10 to 21.10

    Hmm... I am entirely unfamiliar with FPDF. Is it possible that the upgrade includes a new version of FPDF and that the usage has changed? Perhaps a feature/function has been deprecated? If you can give more information, someone here may know. Right now, all we know is that they're not being...
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    Zorin OS 16 got hanged while playing videos on youtube.

    Which browser are you using?
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    Linux Mint "Super Freezes"

    In my experience (indeed, even one of my 'best' answers on the Linux/Unix StackExchange) this is symptomatic of them having hardware acceleration enabled. Experience tells me that this is the problem in tons and tons of cases. This is precisely why I asked the questions I asked. The thing is...
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    Today's article is about Ubuntu Restricted Extras...

    I'm not sure what's so sad about it. They provide a nice, easy installation with a single command. Two commands, if the Universe repo isn't already enabled. 'Snot like they can include it by default - well, not unless they want to run afoul of license agreements.
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    I think some of y'all use NPM packages, and a popular (ua-parser-js) one has been compromised.
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    Today's article is about Ubuntu Restricted Extras...

    It's a fairly simple article, pulled from the original site and redone with more information and better formatting. Feedback is awesome.
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    The following is my observations and thoughts on the FSF. These are my own thoughts and shouldn't be considered as representative of anything other than that. The FSF is mostly well-intentioned, but they're also full of zealots. For example, RMS has stated that he'd make proprietary software...
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    Linux Mint "Super Freezes"

    Yup. That's what I was leading to. It's very, very likely to be HA. Be sure to restart the browser for the changes to take effect.
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    Linux Mint "Super Freezes"

    Ah ha! Now we're getting somewhere. (I hope.) What browser are you using?
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    Linux Mint "Super Freezes"

    Does it happen when you're browsing, or anything consistent like that? You can also check for errors in the system logs. You can do that manually through the terminal. You can also use something like ksystemlog and check them graphically. I prefer the latter, actually. The terminal is great...
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    Cannot get Linux OS to show as an option to boot in Dual Boot Laptop

    It's like that for the first five posts. A moderator gets to it eventually, but there are only a couple of us and this is a global forum. We get to it as rapidly as we can. During my 'shift', I try to check at least every couple of hours but the real world sometimes needs my attention. For the...
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    Sync Not Linux Fans

    I've had pretty good luck with: It has webdav for easy syncing.