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    Strange Happenings, Unable To Use Computer

    I’m having some strange events with my Linux PC and I fear that maybe it somehow became the target of some kind of malicious attack. I have Linux mint cinnamon. Even though I only have a couple of document files on this computer that take up almost no space I started getting pop-ups that said...
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    Unpartition Drive

    I loaded Linux Mint on a laptop PC for the first time. Was a brand new cheap PC with Windows 10. I loaded it, and selected the install option that allowed for Windows to stay on (partition). Something came up like "warning: this can not be undone." My question is: can I undo it? I decided I...
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    Delete VS Not Delete Fat32

    I’m not an expert at this but I’ve previously deleted and reinstalled windows. It used to be that you would do that by deleting the fat 32 in set up and then you could load whatever operating system you wanted. So I’m wondering what the difference is now when a number of online postings state...
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    Walmart Surf Onn 2 In 1 Tablet

    I have a Surf Onn 10.1 2 in 1 tablet from Walmart that came with windows 10 and I’m wanting to use it as a tryout device for Linux. Does anyone know if it’s possible to remove the Windows 10 os on these and load Linux? It comes with Intel Celeron N4000 processor 4 GB RAM and 64 GB memory.
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    Linux Tryouts

    Are there any places where someone wanting to switch to Linux can go to, to try out a machine using the Linux platform?