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    Keyboard-shortcut-friendly desktop environment?

    Hello, I installed Debian 10 with the Cinnamon desktop environment recently after using both OS/2 and versions of Windows up to 8.1 for a long time. I don't like to use a mouse, and I navigated almost entirely with the keyboard. Both OS/2 and Windows have keyboard shortcuts for almost all user...
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    SOLVED: Permissions for Brother DS720D mobile scanner

    Edit: I figured out how to get it working. I found the answer in this forum: A non-free backend issue A recent change to libsane in Debian may impact on the ability of third-party software to initiate...
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    How to move among various window areas with the keyboard

    I have installed Debian Buster with Cinnamon desktop. I have read the installed help, the information on how to assign key combinations, plus dozens of keyboard shortcut Web pages, but I can't find how to move among parts of windows using only the keyboard. For example, in the file manager Nemo...
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    Getting started suggestions

    I've been stuck using a Windows 8.1 box but that is end of life soon. I plan to install Linux on it. I've read some on various forums, including here, about various flavors of Linux. I'm thinking of Debian and Mint but am open to anything. I've been using computers for a long time. My favorite...