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    Native Linux 3D game release using SDL2

    Greetings Linux community, today I have released a free game called BIOCODE X for Linux! It runs natively as an elf binary. Check it out here: Currently I have only tested it using Ubuntu 18.04, I will be testing other distros soon, and will include...
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    Anyone heard of Termux?

    Greetings. I have recently discovered that Android phones actually run a Linux Kernal. This has led me to an app called Termux. Termux is called a terminal emulator, however, this is incorrect, because Termux interfaces directly with the real Linux Kernal running within the phone. There is a...
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    Has anyone ever used a sanity check?

    A sanity check in programming seems very strange. If a sufficiently advanced AI were to chat and help develop a program, we may have difficulty in detecting it is an AI, and it would appear to be a human. Who put the sane_behavior file in linux? That definitely is strange to me. Any thoughts?