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    Opinion Needed: OCFS2 or GFS2 without any (Like Pacemaker) Cluster Components

    We have one requirement for installing one of the software on two nodes by using shared file system (block). However, as we are running SLES 12.x VMs on Azure platform, we don't have option of using centralized shared storage system like iSCSI SAN or FC. However, there were discussions going...
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    Multiple Network Adapters Assigned with Same Subnet IP Addresses

    We have 2 Network Adapters (each vm) assigned with the same subnet IP addresses on Azure SLES 12.x on two VMs, as this is requriement by client application team. However, we were facing some network communications issues (unable to reach) between two servers. Communication is fine if we disabled...
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    Pacemaker Resource showing as "unrunnable start (blocked)" for each cluster resource

    Today we have observed few more things We have observed few things from the today testing. Following are the steps: Step 1: When we create kernel panic (on Node01) with the command “echo 'b' > /proc/sysrq-trigger” or “echo 'c' > /proc/sysrq-trigger” on the node where the resources are running...
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    Pacemaker Resource showing as "unrunnable start (blocked)" for each cluster resource

    OS and Pacemaker Versions: PRETTY_NAME="SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP4" CPE_NAME="cpe:/o:suse:sles_sap:12:sp4" pacemakerd --version Pacemaker 1.1.19+20181105.ccd6b5b10-3.16.1 corosync -v Corosync Cluster Engine, version '2.3.6' When cluster resources are running on glbgvldbies01...
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    How to configure Linux Pacemaker to work with Custom Application.

    We are using SLES 12. We have a custom application which doesn't have daemon / Resource Agent. To Start the Application runuser -l bnp -c 'start_biom' To Stop the Application runuser -l bnp -c 'stop_biom' To Monitor the Application ps -ef | grep biom
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    df -h showing less space used than actual data in it

    OS: SLES for SAP 12 SP2 df -h /hana/backup 15T 1.6T 14T 11% /hana/backup du -sh /hana/backup 4.1T /hana/backup/
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    Request Time Out / Sessions Stalling through IPTABLE (DNAT)

    Scenario: Customer recently Migrated Clustered HANA DB Servers to Azure Cloud Platform but these are Physical Servers on Azure (Offering: Azure HLI). Usually these HLIs (HANA DB Servers) in Azure cannot be accessible directly, even not from Azure VNETs. In other Words, HLIs cannot access...