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    Virus guards for Linux? Is it necessary

    First I should apoligize if this is a dumb question:). As I know Linux is the safest OS , but I saw few articles that Linux isn't completely safe bcz it is becoming an increasingly attractive target for malwares and viruses. Windows has hundreds of anvirus softwares like Avast, Kaspersky etc...
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    Installing Linux on smart mobile phones

    I wanted to use a safe OS on my mobile phone, but Google is clearly not the right answer. I am seeing advertisements simillar to what I searched few days ago even when I use an vpn.:confused: I saw there are mobile phones running on linux now but I don't have a luxury to buy a new phone right...
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    Couldn't install any version of Linux on my Old Tecra s5 laptop

    I have this old laptop Toshiba Tecra S5 (64bit) and it was running on Windows XP. However, I wanted to install a linux version, so I tried to install Linux Mint, Xubuntu and Lubuntu so far. But the laptop didn't boot from USB drive and I tried everything I know. Then I dissembled the hard drive...