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  1. dotKer

    Keyboard Layout Chart

    I am watching a youtube above for korean keyboard 0.04 of the youtube above shows Keyboard Layout Chart which is on the image attached But I can't find it on my Xubuntu 18.04.3 Can I find it with your help?
  2. dotKer

    English Linux and mother tongue keyboard

    I like to use my Linux(Xubuntu) is English version and keyboard is mother-tongue layout. I choose English in shot1. I choose my mother-tongue in shot2. As I finish the installation, I tested my mother-tongue keys are working or not. There is a lanuage key on my key board. If I press the...
  3. dotKer

    copy a directory by right click - copy - paste

    When I was in the late teenage, I met Snoopy for the first time on English edition of a news paper published in my country. . I didn't understand the articles because it is not my mother-tongue, eager to learn English at that time, So my eyes naturally went to cartoon because I expected the...
  4. dotKer

    copy a directory by right click - copy - paste

    The 3 countries have many things in common. And one of it is, I joke, that they dislike each other. Korean alphabet is very easy to learn because it is, I can prove it, very logical . shot12: dragging the target directory from the top source window to the right target window. short13: It is...
  5. dotKer

    copy a directory by right click - copy - paste

    I have learned from what you did uploaded screenshot. Do you know the Korean language or did you do it by using google translate? shot1: prepared 3 window. Top window in "home/ker/" has target directory. (I will move "target directory" to destination) Middle window in "home/ker/test/" is the...
  6. dotKer

    copy a directory by right click - copy - paste

    Thank you for your kindness with the 3 schreenshots. I followed as you guide, and has no problem with the shot1 attached. I do right click on /var/, and try to choose Root Thunar. However, there is no Root Thunar on the menu with the shot2 attached. The menu is not English so I translate it in...
  7. dotKer

    forwarding target number?

    I got the forwarding target number myself with the command "id addr". Thank you.
  8. dotKer

    forwarding target number?

    my xubuntu web server is connected to a router for internet connection. I can open the web page using at the moment. In order to open the web page using real IP (for example: I have to do port forwarding to the web-server. In order to do port forwarding, I have to...
  9. dotKer

    copy a directory by right click - copy - paste

    I installed Xubuntu a month ago. The computer has Xubuntu only, no Windows. Apache, PHP, mySQL are also installed. I don't think I installed any file Managers.
  10. dotKer

    copy a directory by right click - copy - paste

    I am the Root and dotKer. How can I give administrative privileges to dotKer? OR How can I see "myFolder" with icon as Root?
  11. dotKer

    copy a directory by right click - copy - paste

    I have a directory named "copyDir" and its path is "home/dotKer/myFolder1/copyDir". I can click the icon "home" on the desktop and going to "home/dotKer/myFolder1" and see the copyDir. after I put my mouse on the "copyDir". and I do right click and copy the directory "copyDir". and I paste it...
  12. dotKer

    multi copy from a directory to another directory

    I like to copy of multi directoires and files in a directory to another directory. The would-be shell script below doesn't work but I hope it shows what I want. would-be shell script /directory1/(dir1, dir2, file1, file2) /directory2/(dir1, dir2, file1, file2)
  13. dotKer

    literal meaning of "-r"

    rm directoy The shell script above doens't work. However, the script below works fine. rm -r directoy I know that "rm" stands for remove. I don't know for what "-r" stand. What does "-r" stand for? .
  14. dotKer

    restoring tables and their records in restoring a database

    When I type the above in Shell, it produces the following. I hope you notice there is a table "testTB" and 2 records in the quote above. I like to restore the database "testDB" above. So I made a database "testDB" like the following. And I did the following. As I enter the password...
  15. dotKer

    put mysqldump file into a directory

    The shell script above works fine. I like to make it in a directory "myBackup". So I did the following shell script But it says "Permission denied" like the above. What is the problems? How can I put "testDB.sql" into "myBackup" directory?
  16. dotKer

    The meaning of "\n" and " \l"

    The below is coming from shell script [email protected]:~$ cat /etc/issue Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS \n \l Ubuntu 18.04.3 is version name LTS means Long Term Support What does it mean by "n" and "\l" each?
  17. dotKer

    difference between dot f and no dot

    The above is coming from shell. if you look at the below, you can see the difference between the 1st line which has no dot and the 2nd line which has dot. But the result is same. What is the meaning of the dot(.) in the 2nd line?
  18. dotKer

    finding a drectory in file system

    linux xubuntu
  19. dotKer

    finding a drectory in file system

    No, I haven't. I am googling it at the moment.
  20. dotKer

    finding a drectory in file system

    if I open file system(/), I can see that 20 directories and 5 files are in the root(/). I like to find a directory with the name of it. For example, there is a directory named "grub" in the directory "/bin". So the location of the directory "grub" is "/bin/grub". Let's suppose I don't know...