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  1. wizardfromoz

    I'd like to use my 2005 PC for fully-fledged internet browsing

    Not quite so, friend Julien. :) (Wizard appears in a puff of smoke) This page here provides for downloading the non-free Debian There, you have the choice of 6 Desktop...
  2. wizardfromoz

    i might move to zorin os

    When I first started multibooting in September 2014 I was using Ubuntu 14.04, Linux Mint 17 and Zorin OS 9. I've used Zorin ever since, although I skipped 11. Have 12 and 15 currently on my external HDD that boots with this Dell Inspiron. I like it. @darry1966 Hey Darren, I'll watch those...
  3. wizardfromoz

    Trying Puppy for my dial up world

    G'day Jay and thanks for keeping us posted :) I have used Freespire (but not for a while, although I plan to keep it) and found it quite good. Cheers Wizard
  4. wizardfromoz


    G'day @isoldec and welcome to :) Make your friend, and its Page Hit Ranking lists a couple of hundred of the most popular Distros. Become acquainted with DEs (Desktop Environments) through this article
  5. wizardfromoz

    Having a tough time with Dual Booting two seperate ssd drives and problems with compiz

    He's worth his weight in gold, that Alexzee :) Can't be done, has to be a USB stick or DVD. (Wizard appears in a puff of smoke) G'day @Soundsystem00 and welcome to :) With 32 GB RAM you could run it on a virtual machine eg VirtualBox and still get a good performance. There are...
  6. wizardfromoz

    linux distro and 5.2 kernel Suggestions

    Just passing through :) Frank, Fedora WorkStation 31 installs with around 5.3.3, and mine has just upgraded to 5.3.11 If you end up choosing the Ubuntu - there is a utility by Tony George (maker of Timeshift) called UKUU - Ubuntu Kernel Update Utility (can also be use with Linux Mint and...
  7. wizardfromoz

    Problems with screen controller

    Thanks Brian :D
  8. wizardfromoz

    What's it like running Linux on a CD-R?

    I use this article for scoping minimalist Distros ... it is current to 2019 and reasonably accurate. You can cross-reference the Image Size column with that of the Latest Release Year. Your best bet may be Puppy, developed by...
  9. wizardfromoz

    Problems with screen controller

    G'day @rvergel and welcome to :D I am moving this Thread to Audio/Video because it is more related to your graphics issues than the Linux Distribution . However you could tell us which Linux Mint you are using, eg Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon, 19.2 MATE or other. Good luck Chris...
  10. wizardfromoz

    De-frag hard drive?

    One of our friendly resources in Linux that provides some good reads is How-To Geek. HTG have this article which may prove enlightening. Bottom line is EXT4 - "Ours is better than theirs, nyahh nyahh" :D Wiz...
  11. wizardfromoz

    Great Grandpa!

    Elaine says have they named him yet (typical grandmother)? ... and sends her best, as do I. Stick him on your knee and show him how pretty our Linux wallpapers are, he's going to grow up with it :D Wizard
  12. wizardfromoz

    Charlie Corder aka 70 Tango Charlie

    Many Happy Returns, Charlie :):) 85 and young. Whatever you have got up to over the last 84 years - Keep on doing the voodoo that you do ... so well Chris ... and Avagudweegend
  13. wizardfromoz

    Many Happy Returns, Charlie - have a great day, Chris

    Many Happy Returns, Charlie - have a great day, Chris
  14. wizardfromoz

    linux distro and 5.2 kernel Suggestions

    Nice try, Arochester, but that provides version numbers of Distros rather than kernel numbers. :oops: Linux "kernel 5.2" distro on DuckDuckGo and Google are better, and also try 5.3 BlackArch Linux has 5.2.9 I have not looked further yet. Cheers Wizard
  15. wizardfromoz

    Low disk space in root partition even after moving some large files to another partition

    Morning Stan :) 5:40 AM in Colombo (Sri Lanka) and Delhi (India) if Praveen is from the Aryan Sub-Continent, may be a while until we get a response. Subject to what his running of space hogs command is, I'd like to take a look at du -ah /var/cache/apt/archives #and du -ah /var/log/journal...
  16. wizardfromoz

    linux distro and 5.2 kernel Suggestions

    G'day Frank and welcome to :) Regrets you haven't had the responses, I am from Australia and off for my evening but I will take in a look tomorrow. Manjaro has some versions in the 5.2+ range. Cheers Chris Turner wizardfromoz
  17. wizardfromoz

    PCIe error on boot after install

    You'll be at tea probably, so I'll leave this for you. Go into Terminal (or Ctrl-Alt-t) and type the following and enter your password sudo nano -m /etc/default/grub This will open the Nano text editor in a sub-shell. Using the -m option means you can navigate faster, by clicking your mouse...
  18. wizardfromoz

    PCIe error on boot after install

    G'day Brady and welcome to :) Stay online for a few minutes unless you have to help with tea or have homework to finish. I was the one who approved your last Post because our software here had a small bellyache with the internet URLs, it's touchy sometimes. Julien is from France...
  19. wizardfromoz

    Why human computer interaction in Linux is the worse for the very beginning users compare to Windows and MacOS

    Short version first. Duy, I heartily agree with a number of your comments. I have just crashed a recently installed Chakra Linux in attempting to install Timeshift on it. I have installed and worked with over 150 LInux distros, and typically run between 60 and 100 at a time. I have been...
  20. wizardfromoz

    i3 wm distros are not booting as live usb

    Capta - holding update. Have LM 19.2 'Tina' MATE working side-by-side with Fedora WS 31 Cinnamon and sharing the same Home partition, working fine and with benefits I will write about. Chakra install went fine, but trying to install Timeshift (essential to the exercise) onto it proved an...