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    Federated CLI Access with SAML (AWS)

    Hello, I'm trying to allow acces to AWS CLI/API using SAML and ADFS. Every time I run my script I receive the error "Response did not contain a valid SAML assertion". Any idea what's causing this response? For reference I'm following the guide posted here...
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    Although Sign In as a AD User, When I Tried to Connect Windows File Server, It Asks Username and Password

    Hi everybody, According to this web site, "" , I joined my linux computer into my domain. Everything is fine, it works! However, as I stated in the subject, although I signed in as a AD User, when I tried to connect my...
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    Identifying Active Directory User

    Hi, We've got a simple web app on our intranet which I'd like to be contextual in terms of the logged-in user (which will always be via our corporate Active Directory). As the web page will be on a Linux server by choice, how do I obtain the Active Domain user name (which I'll then use to...