1. L

    Better linux distro for an EBOX 3350MX

    Hi, hope this is the right section. As stated in the title: I have an old EBOX: DMP - eBox 3350MX-AP x86 Compact PC with Auto Power On ( It features an i586 processor and I have some problems putting it to work: I currently use Ubuntu 10.04 in the system but I would prefer...
  2. Finny_Brace

    Switching to Linux soon

    I've made one or two post about this in the past, but i have gotten unbelievably tired of windows being so slow, intrusive and buggy; and i did a whole myriad of research a while back into more distros than i can count. But unfortunately with the quarantine i lost my job and couldn't get a new...
  3. NickBBB

    I am brand new to Linux.

    I have been wanting to make the switch for years, but honestly, I was one of those ignoramuses that believed Linux would fell more like MS-DOS than windows and it seemed overwhelming. I am by no means ignorant to computer usage in general and have built and fixed/troubleshooted a lot of...
  4. onmyown

    After 1000 hours dedicated, I need guidance

    Hello there, (pardon my English) I have several problems I hope somebody with experience can advise me: 1) After dedicating 500 hours roughly in Linux at college, and another 500 hours on my own, I have to say, I'm a bit lost. Currently, I'm studying the fourth year of Computing Engineering...