1. ghosty999

    Create a Simple GUI To Run Scripts From?

    This is probably another n00b question.... but I'm setting up a few Linux systems for non-techy users. I'd like them to have a GUI app with 3 buttons that runs different .sh files/scripts. I've had a look at Gnome Builder etc and seems too involved for what I need. I like some of the PiApps GUI...
  2. ghosty999

    Solved Constant Freezing Forcing me back to Windows

    I'm at a total loss... I purchased a Dell Latitude 7390 to dual boot Windows and Mint as I usually do. I go do the usual BIOS things like turn off fast boot, safe boot, C-state, RAID etc I then grab an ISO, do checksum verification, burn ISO via Rufus to a 32gb stick. Once installed, I boot into...
  3. W

    Linux Mint Cinnamon Beginner

    Hello all! I am very excited today because I have just installed Linux Mint Cinnamon on an Asus C423N Chromebook. I have completely erased chromeos and it automatically boots to Linux Mint. Everything works. Sound works, keyboard works, everything is perfect. Even got bluetooth to connect to my...
  4. Fanboi

    How [u]Not[/u] to Ask a Question (Funny & Serious)

    PREAMBLE So, as I mentioned at the start of the preamble, I was going to blog something along these lines as a parody, but I realised I could provide this here, on this forum, as both educational material and entertainment. I invite anyone else to contribute their thoughts, too, that we may...