1. L

    Build Android kernel from source

    Hello! Nice to be here. I try to compile android kernel from source, but every time got errors. I found kernel here: Samsung kernel for SM A510F I downloaded tools from here: wget...
  2. I

    Chromecast commands

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum so I hope I figured out where to ask this kind of question. I wanted to know if it was possible to somehow capture the commands that a chromecast sends to the TV. If yes, how? I searched around and didn't find much. Thanks in advance
  3. F

    Use phone as gamepad

    Can anybody please tell me about any software which can make my android phone a gamepad for linux mint, like droidjoy is available on windows only. Please help.
  4. V

    Linux kernel multi-boot initrd

    I would like to know why it shouldn’t be possible to, while booting Linux, load one initrd image that allows for selecting a route for the boot process to continue on. And, after selecting, load a second initrd image that corresponds to the option that was chosen. Thus the system could have...
  5. B

    [SOLVED] VirtualBox virtualization and Android emulator problem (black screen)

    Hello. I have a problem while trying to run an Android emulator in an Ubuntu Virtual Machine. I'm using VirtualBox7 as hypervisor. When I run the emulator command, the android emulator launches, but I see nothing but a black screen. I got a warning popup from VirtualBox saying that Nested...
  6. B

    Android emulator vs adb

    Hi everyone. I have downloaded the Android tools and I'm running some tests via CLI. I create 2 Android emulators with avdmanager and then I connect to them via adb. If I want to see the list of emulators, I get: avdmanager list avd Available Android Virtual Devices: Name: Android1...
  7. S

    remotely accessing my computer from my android wirelessly

    Hello world, I need to make a connection to my Linux Mint laptop from my Android however because of where I work I do not have fixed Wi-Fi routers or cell phone signal I need the connection to be able to: To remotely control the laptop with GUI Sync files to the laptop such as backups View...
  8. D

    I Can Transfer Pictures From My Phone to My Computer, but Not Vice-Versa

    I'm currently running Mint 20.2 Cinnamon on my Lenovo Thinkpad X200 laptop/tablet, and I have a Kyocera DuraXV Extreme flip phone, which runs a stripped down version of Android 9 on it. There's a picture on my computer of my cat and her late "siblings", and I want to make that my wallpaper for...
  9. Adithyansm

    Mirror android device to Linux other than scrcpy

    HELLO everyone have a great day!:) Is there a way to control android devices from Linux? I have used scrcpy but it's lagging a lot for no reason (by USB and over the wifi). I have been looking for a tool but couldn't find one if you guts know any software (FOSS or not) It would be a great...
  10. D

    Could F-Droid Potentially Give Google Play a Run For It's Money?

    I recently came across this thread: I originally was going to respond to it, but then I realized I'm better off making my response a separate thread. Being that F-Droid isn't the creation of some big, well-known company with...
  11. E

    Txt file content recovery

    Hi everyone, I have made a huge mistake by resetting my phone without checking if I had already wrote some of my passwords somewhere else; knowing it is hard to recover data after formatting, I searched the internet to find a solution - and usually those apps on PS don't work. I found out about...
  12. R

    Problem with transferring media from Android to Xubuntu: LIBMTP error

    Can anyone help me with this problem that is already making me almost give up on linux after a decade ?? I'm already sick of this problem that prevents me from transferring media from my cell phone to the computer and vice versa! Whenever I try to move images, musics or videos it hangs in the...
  13. R

    Android Kernel Debugging (kmsg log)

    Hello, So I've been subject to some rather advanced hacking. Long story short, through means of brute force TTY and shell/root manipulation, the hackers have used ADB (android debugging bridge) and trace/printk to debug my kernel and place kernel hooks. (They've done the same to my...
  14. J

    Accessing phone data without interfacing with screen

    Hi, my girlfriend dropped her phone (motorola G5+) into a creek. This damaged it in such a way, that it starts up, the touch screen works, but the display stays black. You can feel it vibrating while blindly guessing the lock pattern. She already sent it to a repair shop, but they didn't manage...
  15. Linux BCKP

    I have a GitHub project for scripts for enabling kvm

    I am using Fedora, if you can use other Linux distributions to enable kvm, please help me. Enable or check aviliablity for kvm for better Android Studio VM perfomance on Fedora Usually I check reqs everyday.
  16. N

    Fleeing from Google forever

    I am is search of help in getting away from google in as many ways that I can, mostly due to issues regarding ads and privacy. I just purchaced a Samsung Galaxy plus and now it worse than ever. Full page google ads constantly. New browser? New OS? HELP ME PLEASE. I'm too old for this shit...
  17. Trenix25

    Questions and issues

    I downloaded a C compiler for my tablet from the Play Store called C4droid. It cost $3. It locally compiles and runs a C program. The set up of an Android system is a problem though. I feel like I'm living in a tiny little box and every time I try to move to do anything I bump in to a wall...
  18. N

    Wanting to move from OSX to Linux

    Hey all! I have been interested in moving to a linux os for a while now and want to pull the trigger now. I have a mid 2009 MacBook Pro with 2.26 GHz intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 memory, 320 GB of storage, and a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB Graphics card. I used to have an...
  19. Trenix25

    Can cc or gcc produce an APK output file?

    What exactly is an APK file? Is it an acronym? Can I write C source code, perhaps including inline assembly, and then have cc or gcc produce an APK output file so I can transfer it to my Android tablet and run the newly written app on my tablet? I have both an ftp server and client on my...
  20. Trenix25

    Is it safe to root my Android tablet?

    I hope this is the correct place to put this. I couldn't find a topic dedicated to Android tablets. I am using an ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 running Android Lollipop 5.0 with a device designation P01M. I have just downloaded the KingRoot 5.2.2 APK file. I have scanned it and Avast says it's free of...