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  1. N

    Central malware or av scanner

    Hi, Can anyone help, I am looking for a way to scan my LAN for viruses or malware every night using Kali, I know there are some paid bit of software that do this, does anyone know if there is anything free I can use to do this? My aim is to be able to scan my 10/15 vms on my LAN from kali, get...
  2. Adithyansm

    Do I need an antivirus for linux

    Hello every one I am dual Booting Linux and windows in one of my machines and a Samba shared folder Recently my windows machine (main and secondary) had a virus attack and was succesfully remved by antivirus . And I want to check that some cross platform virus had entered the linux machine ...
  3. Sudo It

    Virus guards for Linux? Is it necessary

    First I should apoligize if this is a dumb question:). As I know Linux is the safest OS , but I saw few articles that Linux isn't completely safe bcz it is becoming an increasingly attractive target for malwares and viruses. Windows has hundreds of anvirus softwares like Avast, Kaspersky etc...
  4. Condobloke

    antivirus 2020

    MODERATOR'S NOTE: This thread's author is new Member, @Incruste2.0 , please address all responses to him. I made a mistake somewhere, regrets. Wizard G'day Incriste, and Welcome to linux.org I have used Linux for 6 years I use NO antivirus (not necessary) I use Firefox browser. It is...