1. A


    Bonjour Est ce que vous pouvez créer une application comme snapchat sur Android et Apple store ? Et dans l application pouvoir se balader sur la carte avec le pointeur. cavas devenir payant
  2. A

    Execute .exe from outside of it's main server

    Hi, I have installed an application on a linux server and want to export all the directory and put it in a shared location (windows server) to be executed by different users without having to access the main server , how can I do this ?
  3. F

    [Solved] Running .Appimage files

    Hi, I've recently downloaded Linux for the first time on my Chromebook and i'm trying to install unity hub. The problem is the downloaded file is in the .AppImage format which i can't run. I did some research and found out you have to make it executable with the command "chmod +x...
  4. B

    Can I install LibreOffice partially?

    Hello! I'm currently using eOS on a laptop that has an eMMC storage, therefore I need to save space wherever I can. My question would be (found nothing in this case, even on developer's site), is it possible to install, or after complete installation remove part of LibreOffice? Basically I...
  5. L

    How to get all installed Desktop Applications with Licence info using Linux command

    I want to get all Desktop Applications info with License and other basic Details using command. Which Command I can use to get it?
  6. JasKinasis

    note v1.0 released today!

    Hey all. After this conversation the other day, I finally got around to cleaning up, documenting and releasing my note-management application. 'note' is a very simple application written in shell-script. It's a personal, pet-project I've been developing and using at home and at work for a...