arch linux

  1. mquclinux

    Screenshots error

    PFA educational purpose its an old problem in a VM. the vm is stopped and i have moved it separate node. it automatically captures screenshots when clicked on 'x' button.
  2. mquclinux

    Help understanding this error codes while installing arch linux on baremetal.

    Dear Community Members, My 12 year old device dell inspiron n5110 , 500gb HDD, 4 gb ram Core i3 2310m. trying to install arch linux on baremetal, not VM but getting this error. is it time to toss out the HDD or something can be salvaged (personal data) PFA Appreciate the help Regards
  3. N

    cannot map caps lock to ctrl in kde wayland

    hey, I am using arch linux with linux-lts, and this is my /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/00-keyboard.conf Section "InputClass" Identifier "system-keyboard" MatchIsKeyboard "on" Option "XkbLayout" "us" Option "XkbModel" "pc105+inet" Option "XkbOptions"...
  4. A

    Solved Arch Linux: df always returns same values

    On my Arch system, running df -h always returns the following values: [user@archlinux ~]$ df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/nvme0n1p2 916G 42G 828G 5% / devtmpfs 4.0M 0 4.0M 0% /dev tmpfs 7.7G 0 7.7G 0% /dev/shm tmpfs 3.1G...
  5. N

    How to install proper AMD GPU driver (Arch Linux)

    As someone who has used Debian-based Linux distributions for a long time, I recently wanted to take a look at Arch Linux. But I guess it must be due to my naivety that I couldn't even fully install and set up the proper graphics driver, so I had to revert to cumbersome Windows. Frankly, I...
  6. N

    arch linux cannot detect wifi after I close the notebook, using latest 6.3.2 kernel

    hey, guys, I meet a problem, when I close my notebook for a while, and reopen the laptop I would found that the arch cannot detect wifi, so I try to reboot from terminal, it told me that , then I try to reboot from kde reboot button, it stuck at shutdown interface how can I solve it ? or...
  7. ARios Projekt

    [SOLVED] Flatpak steam does not run; closes by itself while updating. 'Can't find 'steam-runtime-check-requirements'

    OS: Arch Linux, Kernel: 6.1.8-zen1-1-zen, DE: Plasma w/wayland, CPU: i5 10400, GPU: RX 550 OC; extra/xf86-video-amdgpu 22.0.0-1 | extra/vulkan-radeon 22.3.3-3 I do not have multilib repository enable and I have not even tried to install it through pacman. Steam —flatpak— worked yesterday. System...
  8. Stellaris

    <Solved>Error while updating the Arch/Parabola system

    I am on Parabola GNU/Linux which I migrated from Arch linux and when I try to update the system, it shows below message. System Info: How can I fix this? TIA
  9. L9dson

    Failed to start Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine

    Hello people, I'm just installed my vanilla Arch linux, I was using an Arch distro pre-built ( comes with programs, packages, etc ), the good thing is that I was able to start and enable mssql-server fine, without any problem, but when I did my installation of arch by myself and install all the...
  10. AlphaObeisance

    Gamer Soundoff

    Alright, so first things first; I have seemingly had trouble finding a "Gaming Linux" discussion forum/thread that was worth any salt. Either it was full of naysaying windows users talking about how hard it is to game on Linux and how "incompatible" so many games are. I'm just looking for a...
  11. A

    Arch, i3: Can't find or change environment variables

    I want to change some of my default applications. Following this page on the ArchWiki, I went into my /etc/environment by sudo emacs /etc/environment file to change these default application variables (e.g. EDITOR=emacs). But it's bare of these: # # This file is parsed by pam_env module # #...
  12. S

    (SOLVED) Error: file ‘/boot/initramfs-zen.img’ not found (solved)

    So I ran a "sudo pacman -Syu" update and this popped up. Loading Linux linux … Loading initial ramdisk … error: file ‘/boot/initramfs-zen.img’ not found Press any key to continue… I can still load into Arch from standard kernel but the zen kernel appears to have been broken by the update. Is...

    bash translation

    Greetings. . I need to convert a normal bash file, which in this case it's a "dockerfile" or docker build file from Arch to Debian. Is there any lazy script hanging around on github that fellow users are aware of ? Any app that converts these commands from a distro-specific to another ? (there r...
  14. L

    Which should be given more priority to among these for softwares?

    lets find the best place for softwares
  15. M

    VIRPIL hotas / rudder pedals steam connection problems

    I'm having issues with my VPC ACE Flight Pedals (cant see them in steam) I was playing arma 3 when my pedals just randomly stopped responding. Arma could no longer see the pedals and steam could not as well. I then checked to see if they where no longer connected at all using lsusb, all 3 parts...
  16. 4

    Sound card not working on Arch Linux

    I did a nice install with Archinstall. No problems but no sound. what should I do? @Brickwizard @SlowCoder @KGIII
  17. S

    Steam Client Window Parameter error

    Arch Linux Endeavour OS When trying to run Steam through XRDP (and only XRDP) this error pops up in the konsole and the Steam Client fails to open. I've tried reading some of the Steam Client logs but nothing seems to stand out
  18. alexban011

    Loud pop and then noise when using headphones

    I've had this problem occur on every single distro that I tried. I have a realtek sound card in my asus g551vw, but am using the drivers from intel (kernel) since the ones from realtek are ancient (2018) and use an even older kernel (there is a warning to only use kernel 3.18 or LOWER ?? is that...
  19. I_lelouch

    How can I fix this warning?

    pacman -Syu :: Synchronizing package databases... core is up to date extra is up to date community is up to date multilib is up to date :: Starting full system upgrade... warning: lib32-mesa: local (22.0.0-1) is newer than multilib (21.3.8-2) there is nothing to do
  20. Nigh Knight

    Can't seem to start i3-gaps for some reason

    This is the only resource I have: i3-gaps log. It simply starts then exists, I have nothing else to say nor other resources to provide.