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    Rockchip tough as a rock when it comes to getting its graphics working. Any suggestions?

    I've asked about this thing on a range of forums now, often with little luck in getting responses, so I've had to slog and fiddle my way through it mostly by trial and error, but this last problem really has me stumped - it's been really hard going because while I've used Linux a lot, virtually...
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    File was opened, but "No such file or dirrectory"

    File is shared object libxxx.so for arm hf 32 from WindRiver 2.6.32 . I have ARM 32 hf debian wheezy 3.0.2. When i execute my compiled binary file "hello",where i calling dlopen on this lib (with strace), he opening, reading 512b elf header first, then 1400b something, and after 49 bytes...
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    Building New Linux Kernel for my Mobile and RP3

    Hello Experts Please can you guide me how to choose the latest kernel, integrate with ARM based Android mobile, compile and flash into the mobiles. I have a rooted Samsung phone. 2. I also need to build linux kernel and flash into Rasberry 3, instead of Noobs which is provided off the shelf...