1. A

    Fresh Arch Install: Can no longer clone from AUR

    Yesterday, I installed Arch, and I managed to successfully install a few packages (Zoom, among them) from the AUR. Note I shutdown and restarted my computer successfully a few times yesterday, and I managed to install all the packages from the AUR after my initial session on Arch But today, I...
  2. Zaki SI-Lounis

    AUR Libpng15 GPG key outdated (Solved)

    I come to you all if with an important message. If you try to install Maya (or other software requiring Libpng15) then you will find that the GPG key is outdated, if this happens then run this comand gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 8048643BA2C840F4F92A195FF54984BFA16C640F :)
  3. A

    How to fix (MAKEPKG) installation problem?

    i want install yay for download package from Aur ArchLinux I don't know what to do, thank you for guiding us When I use the git clone and use the makepkg -si command , it gives this error git clone cd yay makepkg -si Error text: ==> ERROR: Cannot find the...
  4. superboy2k6

    yay not installing in Arch linux

    Hello again, After a fresh install of Arch Linux, I went ahead and made a shell program (.sh) which has these lines: echo Installing yay in this machine git clone cd yay sudo makepkg -si But it shows an error stating like this: ERROR: Running makepkg as...