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    Linux is stuck on background [POP-OS_21.04] [CLOSED]

    OS-Name Pop OS OS-Version 21.04 Problem Stuck on background screen. I have the top bar with; WIFI, volume and power but that's it.
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    Check if background process is running or not

    On my Synology DS215j I have a scheduled task, that is executed every 5 minutes and checks, if a specific python script is running: #!/bin/bash # Import environment variables ... . /etc/profile PYSCRIPT="" if ! ps ax | grep -q "$PYSCRIPT"; then echo "$PYSCRIPT is running"...
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    Kali 2018.4 Background messed up,Duplicate fodlers and files

    Hi I recently installed kali linux 2018.4 on my Acer laptop and unlike older versions my background is messed up. for example I have created a folder on my back ground and then i moved it from top left of the back ground to my right side and now i see the same folder in both sides, one is...