1. tinfoil-hat

    Backup 2TB Home Directory to a Nextcloud via Deamon

    Hi, I have access to a 5TB Nextcloud and would like to have a backup utility to sync my 2TB homedirectory to a Nextcloud. I tried Rclone, but it throws me some endless errormessages. Dav is ugly to mount. Are there any good backup clients that sync my Homedir to the Nextcloud?
  2. D

    Backup in small business

    Suppose you are the administrator of a small company of 6-10 people, you need to back up data from all computers and 1 server. How should rule 3-2-1 follow such a backup, what program to use and how to manage backups. I am just a student learning the basics of Linux administration exactly...
  3. E

    How to log rsync?

    Hello everyone! Thanks for accepting me here. :) I would like to ask you about logging in rsync. I am using rsync through a GUI (Grsync), and currently have the below task at crontab: 0 15 * * * DISPLAY=:0 grsync -e "default" My question is: how to log all rsync operations to a file? I...
  4. Fanboi

    Help/Advice: Megatools (package) and Mega's Desktop App (Megasync)

    Just a quick question here. Recently I switched to Mega because they have better privacy, cheaper plans, and faster upload speeds across the board (some may have one superior aspect, this is a combo across the board) which are things I need since I'm now backing up a fair amount of data and will...
  5. Z

    view image files make with dd command

    hello Is there a way to see the content of an image made with the dd command? and to extract a part? I made a backup copy of the sda disk and I don't want to restore it in its entirety, I only want to see if there is X file and if I can see that I can know if I can extract that file without...
  6. Z

    backup iso

    Hello Do you know any tool (command line) to create an .iso of your system like this and then be installable? with your users, configuration files... everything In summary, to be able to make backups and in case of loss of data or configurations, install the latest version from an .iso file.
  7. smooth_buddha

    How to save config files and settings to github, How is it done?

    Hey guys i have a github account and been customizing my Arch and Arco linux, but what im not sure of is how to back up my settings and configs, like which files i should back up. For a while ive kept installing and re-configing which is not efficient and eats up much time! Is it the .config...
  8. K

    A better backup solution

    Hi folks, (misplaced my earlier login, so starting anew) Been using various flavours of Linux for ages, primarily server-side, but coming back to the desktop for a primary workhorse after a significant hiatus. Rolling with Fedora (34) this time, as I find it better suited to BaU work more than...
  9. 3

    Backup solutions for CentOS 7

    Good day to you all, hope all of you are safe with what is going on. I have a few VPS servers using C Panel and CentOS 7. I use for my personal businesses and a few friends’ websites and such. The host is OVH in Canada and their auto backup or snapshot system use to be good, but when they...
  10. Sirius

    Linux Backup and Restore

    Hi, so I am in the middle of a transition to a Linux world. I have made a choice on the hardware (another thread on this forum). But I need your help to figure out the approach for the backup and restore procedures. The ideal scenario is the following: Once the initial OS (I will go with...
  11. G

    Remove older backups like 1 month

    I have some backup files which are created in a Daily manner. After some time they take a lot of space and i want to delete them according to their time stamp like delete 1 month olders. Thanks.
  12. blackneos940

    How Do I Backup My Xubuntu (Or Any Linux )Install To An Image File?

    Hellooo..... :3 So I get the general idea..... I can use DD, Brasero, etc., but I wanna' use DD..... :3 The goal is to create an image of Xubuntu on my ASUS X205TA to the Hard Drive on a Server me and a friend have..... That way, we can access Files without turning this Netbook into...
  13. K

    Combining user & password data from 3 browsers -possible?

    I've spent over 10 hours trying to get this to work and have had to come here to try to find answers. Sorry for the lang post, but I'm at my wit's end! I have been having a terrible time with my system going corrupt every 2-4 months. It was rock solid for 4+ years then it just started...
  14. linxu

    how to take backup of all linux configuration files at once

    is there any way i can take backup of all configuration files in linux at once using any tool or commands.. as i am in need for this while migrating server to another host in production environment.
  15. I

    Linux newbie getting started with questions!

    Hi all and how are you! What I'm about to write, at least in part, may have been covered in the exponential forums across the Linux community so apologies if there's a duplicate. I think it would surely benefit me to have answers specific to my needs. I'm so very sorry for these newby questions...
  16. R

    BackUp error-"make sure these files can be opened"

    :) Ey Up, fellow linux-ers. :) When backing up the configuration [on Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr] has anyone encountered (& resolved) the error message that goes a li'l something like this: "...make sure the following files can be opened: /home/rene/.cache/dconf /home/rene/.config/enchant...