1. Finny_Brace

    Switching to Linux soon

    I've made one or two post about this in the past, but i have gotten unbelievably tired of windows being so slow, intrusive and buggy; and i did a whole myriad of research a while back into more distros than i can count. But unfortunately with the quarantine i lost my job and couldn't get a new...
  2. U

    hey, I'd like to become "that guy" who only boots up windows on virtual machines to play games while using mainly linux...

    problem is. I don't know where to start or what to learn. the terminal? which distro should I start with and which one should I end on? obviously all this sounds very generic and over-asked, yet I'd like to clarify that I had prior experience with linux. Pop!_OS in particular, I used it for...
  3. T

    Troubleshooting question ‍♂️

    Hello, I recently switched to Linux and think I may have done it incorrectly. I downloaded Oracle VM Virtualbox on my windows 10 Laptop. I then downloaded Linux 19.3 as well as the USB preference in VM set to an external 3.0 2TB USB HHD where I then set up the virtual Linux machine. I then went...
  4. D

    Problems installing Stacks from code - Linux newbie

    Hi guys, I'm new to linux as in I just installed it on a virtual machine just an hour ago. I'm trying to install a software called Stacks, I have no access to Mac OS & never have I used linux so I'm having a hard time getting through with the first step. Before explaining everything I want to...
  5. B

    Old PC, need reccomendation

    Hello world. I just acquired an HP Pavilion a320n. Specs are: Amd 2.8Ghz processor 512 MB RAM Nvidia GeForce 4 graphics 120 GB HDD to start. Which client version of Linux would anyone suggest I try? My eventual goal is just to run file share at home but I want to start basic and learn some...
  6. mizzi_k

    What Debian Is Best Option For Beginners In 2020!!!

    Actually ! I Am Using Ubuntu,Kali,Zorin And PARROT OS On Different Computers. Actually The Best Alternative For Kali Linux Is Parrot Os. And Its Kinda Amazing Now In 2020. The GUI Is Amazing, And The Applications Management Is Great. The Problems Within The Terminal Like Snap Or Apt And Other...
  7. L

    bash scripting question

    i was picking apart some bash scripts online to help me practice and learn more about bash. i encountered one script that had this ((count++)) towards the end of the script. from what i can tell this says to add to the variable. i was hoping for a better explanation about what it does, why its...
  8. Finny_Brace

    Planning to switch to linux for everyday computer

    Windows is getting unbelievably intrusive, and it's seriously annoying how long it takes to open a simple jpeg image with how many processes are running at once. I've looked through for good looking, fast distros and I'm still undecided, but i've got my eye on Solus Budgie. i...
  9. S

    Totally confused

    Hello I'm brand new to Linux. I have an old Windows laptop I use for data logging. I have a python program running on it as a data logger and soon to control some Arduino controller boards. I hate windows and it's trying to crash. I'd like to change it to Linux, but after reading several pages...
  10. L

    Sdout stream a command into the same file?

    I do not know if I expressed myself well in the title, but please correct me if I am wrong. Here I have a beginner problem: I have a file with multiple lines of code, and I can number lines of code with nl command, now I want to number the lines but i want to stream the output into the same...
  11. F

    Best linux distro for beginner

    Hello there! I am new to Linux. In school we are using Ubuntu 18.04 and I started to like it. I am a beginner C++ programmer (I know the basics) and I have just started to learn java and some python. So I was wondering which is the best Linux distro for me as a beginner? I have read that Arch or...
  12. C

    Confused and Irritated! Can't Install Tilix/GtkD on Kali Linux 19.4

    [email protected]:~# apt install tilix Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done E: Unable to locate package tilix [email protected]:~# apt install GtkD Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done E...
  13. E

    Could I interchange hard drives to swap OS?

    If I were to install Windows 10 on one hard drive and Linux Mint on another, would I be able to change which OS my computer is running on just by swapping the drives? Please be gentle... I'm not too tech saavy.
  14. W


    So I just got Linux Mint MATE, I think 19.something, most recent, but whenever I close my laptop and it suspends, it crashes the OS. I have it set so it doesn't suspend, but it drains the battery. Is there a better way to go about this?
  15. K

    Quality book for learning linux (beginner)

    Thank you
  16. Alboy1975

    $PATH output different from all seen examples

    Hi yet again. I'm working through an online tutorial to better understand terminal, which I've now learned is a means of inputing commands, options and inputs which the shell then interprets and acts upon (bash being most common shell). The commands are stored within the path and are called...
  17. Alboy1975

    intel gfx, screen tearing solved!

    Hi guys I'm running lubuntu on a laptop with intel onboard gfx. Screen tearing was beginning to drive me nuts. I have, however, found a solution on youtube: sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf Section "Device" Identifier "Intel Graphics" Driver "intel" Option "TearFree" "true"...
  18. Alboy1975

    Complete linux noobie, ordered secondhand laptop (what i need to know)

    Hi I am awaiting delivery of the below laptop, which I've picked up for £170: I have been around computers most of my...
  19. A

    Your recommendation on a Linux OS for a beginner

    Hello All, I am new in the Linux world and trying to learn the basics with your help. I am planning to install a Linux OS to one of my old laptops, so I can experience and make practice with Linux commands. What Linux made would you guys recommend? I see that there are a lot of different Linux...
  20. P

    Confused help, please?

    Having an Advent laptop available I went ahead and tried to install Mint 18.3 with no previous knowledge or research - stupid I know. I downloaded three versions of the Mint 18.3 installation and used Etcher to transfer the iso's to usb sticks. The best I could manage was on installation...