black screen

  1. M

    Black screen on startup

    I am trying to install a Linux Mint on my new laptop from a usb. It is an Alienware m18 r1 with 32 gigs of ram. However, when I attempt to boot it up, it goes to a black screen with an unblinking line and will not go foreward from there.
  2. R

    Black screen when I sleep in Kali live Boot

    Hello. I installed Kali as a boot to my USB and when I start to run it on the computer, sometimes I need to put it in “lock screen” mode, but when I put it in this mode, the screen turns black and I cannot open it in any way.
  3. F

    HP 14dq2xxx reboot to back screen?

    Good morning, I have been fighting with an issue for several months in regards to a reboot issue on my HP 14-dq2xxx laptop currently with Debian 12. This was an upgrade from Debian 11 where I had this issue. “My laptop boots to a black screen with cursor in starting position after a reboot...
  4. Haui111

    Screen suddenly goes black on ubuntu 23.04 (not at login)

    Hi folks! Another day another dough... I mean problem. System I run Ubuntu 23.04 on an ASUS MB with i9 and 3060ti, one Monitor over DP. The GPU is new, the Computer ran for short periods on ubuntu 22.10 until 2-3 Weeks ago since I decided to switch from windows, got myself a gpu for gaming...
  5. F

    Black screen with blinking cursor / not booting after installation

    So recently I wanted to install Kali Linux to use alongside windows 10 as a dual boot system, I have used ubuntu in the pased so I uninstalled it before doing anything else even though the Grub boot loader for it is still present (also yes, I have tried removing the grub boot loader in admin win...
  6. R

    Can't boot any distro from usb

    I am kindda new to all of this so ask for more info if needed. When I try to install parrot from my usb I go trough graphical install and after that it just blackscreens and it doesn't accept any keyboard input, it is just frozen (kali, backbox, ubuntu, all the same story) I tried with and...
  7. M

    Problem with graphics driver upon boot on Kali Linux (black screen after splash screen, no blinking cursor)

    Hello all! First of all sorry if this might be a bit complex or a not that well formulated question. This is my very first encounter with this forum, and the first time with a Linux outside the VM environment. I have installed Kali Linux on an older drive that was formatted and wiped clean...
  8. T

    [solved] My laptop's screen is blank but my external monitor works just fine

    Hello and my laptop's screen doesn't work on linux and only gives me a black screen but my monitor works just fine but on windows the laptop screen works just fine. I tried many distros like linux mint, and kubuntu and the same thing. Ubuntu says that my laptop's screen is unknown and i know...
  9. S

    VNC Black Screen After Shared Folder Mounting

    I have installed an Linux8 system using Vagrant. After vagrant is up, I am getting only a black screen when I try to connect through a VNC. SSH connection is working fine. If I reboot the system through the Virtual Box GUI, and then try to connect through the VNC, the black screen issue is no...
  10. S

    "dev/sda2: clean, …"This message appears and can't reboot

    Hi, My computer just crushed and my screen is stuck on "dev/sda2: clean **/** files **/** Blocks". I tried to reboot with : ctrl+f7 -> During grub screen press the 'e' key to edit the grub and got nothing(says that 'e' command not found). so I tried...
  11. P

    Black screen after start menu

    I bought new laptop with these general specs: ThinkPad E14 Gen 2 UEFI: LENOVO v: R1AET34W (1.10 ) date: 12/19/2020 Quad Core model: AMD Ryzen 3 4300U with Radeon Graphics R2 AMD Renoir vendor: Lenovo driver other stuff but after 2 weeks downloading dozens of Linux OS and trying half a dozen...
  12. T

    Bios blackscreen after I install Linux

    I use an Acer Aspire A315-51 laptop and I tried to install several distroutions (Ubuntu, Arch, Manjaro, ...) but every time when everything is installed, after I press the bios key F2 a blackscreen with a white line appears. I can still select the operating system via the F12 boot menu, but I...
  13. DikWipe69

    Black screen when installing Manjaro

    I downloaded Ubuntu and I didn't enjoy it so I tried to run Manjaro instead but after I get past the first part where I set my time zone and stuff I get a black screen with a white line on the top left of the screen. How can I fix this, keep in mind im a noob at linux...
  14. T

    Suddenly my Lubuntu-PC is booting into black screen

    Turn of my PC and go to sleep Then starting the PC this morning and after the BIOS-start-up, and going to boot into OS, the screen is black Can't do a "CTRL+AL+F3" What can I do now?? (The monitor and computer is ok (checked with "Live-USB" )