boot screen freeze

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    Struggle to boot any kind of linux [nvidia]

    Hello everyone. First of all I should mention i have tried a couple of distros as linux mint, ubuntu, pop os (nvidia version). But i even couldn't be able to boot into my bootable usb. After i try to boot from live usb i got a black screen with no cursor or anything at all. I strongly suspect...
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    Boot problems with Ubuntu - boot hangs

    Ubuntu hangs during boot. I am using an HP 14-CF1 laptop currently running windows 10. I have a 100GB partition unallocated on NVMe SSD waiting for ubuntu install and 8 gigs of RAM. Fastboot and secureboot are both disabled. UEFI bios. I have a USB stick with 18.04 created with Rufus using MBR...
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    Boot screen freezes, no help with so far

    Hi guys, I've been using Linux for a while and recently bought a new laptop. So the thing is that my new laptop has a Nvidia GTX 1050 Max-Q secondary graphic card. So I faced exactly the same issue with both Parrot OS and Kali Linux. I will start with Parrot OS. I would like to add that both...