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    I have a problem when I turn on the computer, the system does not work and a message appears busybox v1.35.0

    downloaded the system as Kali on the hard disk, and after working with it, I entered a command for a few days, and it caused me this problem, and after that I was not accepted by the command. fask And after some meaning, it became clear to me that an order must be used fask.ext4 -nf /dev/sda1...
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    Is Parrot Security OS Team Has Ended Support For 32 Bit Completely Or Only ISO File ???

    Hello, I want ask about 32 bit support for parrot security, is Parrot Security OS Team Has Ended Support For 32 Bit Completely or Only ISO Support, i have found busybox error on parrot security OS Latest Version installer, so i download now the latest version that support full iso for 32 bit...
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    Firmware flash using ssh on asus router (Linux version 2.6.36)

    Hi! I am trying to flash a custom firmware to my asus rt-n300 router , the asus firmware application doesn't work , i am able to access the router using ssh (putty, and winSCP) and i wanted to ask if its possible to flash the .trx firmware to the router using one of the included commands shown...
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    Busybox Recursive Non-Overwriting File Copy

    How do I do a recursive file copy to copy any missing files without overwriting? (Busybox cp has no -n option and no rsync.) The line below would be fine if the overwrite n response was automatically entered. Also need to exclude a couple of specific directories. #!/bin/sh...
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    Busybox Exploration

    I try to understand how Busybox works. Who knows, where do arguments of utilities store? And how does Busybox use them when it calls a function?
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    How can I add applets to Busybox (notably nano or netmap)? Where should I write code and how can I include code in header files? This is for my paper work.
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    GUI + Busybox + kernel

    I’m creating my own Linux distro with busybox and I also need GUI in my system. How can I add XFCE desktop environment?