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    Integrated camera not working in ubuntu 22.04 on HP dragonfly

    Hi, I recently bought an HP Dragonfly 13.5 inch G4 Notebook PC. In order to install ubuntu, I had to disable secure boot in bios setting. The integrated camera works perfectly fine in Windows but it doesn't work in ubuntu 22.04. Also installed cheese and it says no device found. Any suggestions...
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    The webcam on the laptop does not work

    Hi all! root@USS:~# ls -l /dev/ | grep video crw-rw—- 1 root video 29, 0 окт 19 15:08 fb0 root@USS:~# When you start the cheese program, the program displays a black screen and says “devices not found” My webcam is built into my laptop. I'm using the latest version of Ubuntu. Today, for a...
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    Webcamera not working

    Hi there, I'am using a Thinkpad E14, Amd Ryzen 5. I used Ubuntu on this notebook earlier, but some months ago I just installed Debian. Everything was fine, just the Bluetooth not running but i do not use it so much. However after two or three week, while in a video call using zoom, and using...
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    Trouble with a webcam automatcally adjusting the brightness

    I've bought SIGMA HD WEBCAM (8mp, USB). Works right after connecting to Ubuntu Linux 18.10. (Some minor Skype config required.) It seems to automatically adjust the brightness (as the brightness "jumps" as I move before the camera) and does it wrong (cheked in Skype and Cheese). It makes me to...