1. T

    BIND 9.11.4 upgrade - CENTOS 7

    Hi I am still learning Linux and doing quite a bit of reading/research. I've recently been taken on a new job role and have inherited 2 Linux servers running BIND The version running is 9.11.4 and requires upgrading. I ran the following command sudo yum update bind It will not update the a...
  2. R

    client_loop: send disconnect: Connection reset to CentOS

    Hi, this problem looks too hard for the best of my knowledge. I try to connect via ssh from a Windows 10 laptop to a remote Linux Server (CentOS Linux release 7.8.2003 (Core)): --- ssh.exe -i ./.ssh/id_rsa_name name@IPaddress -p port client_loop: send disconnect: Connection reset --- The...
  3. M

    CentOS/RHEL preserve "ip link set" settings

    Hi All, I hope you are doing well during these a bit strange times. I stumbled upon this issue where the only way to configure some of the settings I can do through ip set link command. This is to do with virtual adapters with VLANs with vf and proto 802.1Q parameters. This requires bringing...
  4. T

    Firewalld hard troubble on HTTP/HTTPS

    Hello, I am in a really trouble i don't understand why it can't works, if someone could help me it would be really nice ! I run 3 machines on virtualbox described below, centos8 stream is the virtual router and firewall DHCP and DNS server But I cant have access to web browsers or http/https...
  5. D

    platform .iso

    Hello i have server installer in in telecom operator. it contains Centos so . I have a platform: ppm170-pl-fsc.iso . ( see picture ) question : what is the command allow to execute this platform .iso on centos server ?? so please , i need from expert linux reply me and help me Thanks
  6. techinfozone

    How we can deploy 2 domains with 2 Cpanel on single CentOS server?

    I have a client who want to deploy 2 domain on a centOS server i search for the solution but not a good answer. He want to run JDK on both domain with SSL. I want to know if I install JDK (by the way java version is 8) and SSL on server, how I can install JDK on same server with different port...
  7. L

    Setting up a minecraft server on CentOS 8, I am a complete noob

    So I have been trying to set up a dedicated minecraft server on an old laptop of mine. I figured I should use linux for the better performance and settled on CentOS 8. I got the minecraft server files downloaded and running, but ran into problems connecting to the server. I originally posted...
  8. C

    So say you out init 0 in your bashrc

    I'm currently in a class, and we are working on linux troubleshooting. On CentOS 6, the only local user is root, all other users are network users. Our most recent bug, is init 0 in root's bashrc. I know that this can be fixed via ssh, however, the instructor said that there are three ways to...
  9. senmx

    How to fix "Problem: conflicting requests..." on dnf install on Centos?

    [root@x boot]# dnf -y install --enablerepo=elrepo-kernel kernel-ml kernel-ml-devel Repository centosplus is listed more than once in the configuration Repository extras is listed more than once in the configuration CentOS-8 - Base - 163.com...
  10. G

    Disable Selinux Temporarily

    I want to dislabe SeLinux but this will be temporary where after reboot it should be enabled.
  11. G

    Check Java version from Command Line

    I have a Java installation and I have only access via bash. How can I check the Java version from command line.
  12. G

    List installed packages

    How can I list installed rpm packages ?
  13. J

    CentOS 8 STREAM : Install Issues, [Black Screen]

    Good Day Everyone, I am currently having extreme difficulty, installing CentOS 8 STREAM, on my Star Labs MK II Lite. I’m green behind the ears when it comes to Linux, and purchased this laptop as it comes pre-installed with UBUNTU, which I believed was a great way to start things off on my...
  14. P

    Delete command crashed my server

    i ran the following command find /tmp/ -type f -mtime +2 -exec rm -f {} \; on my centos server to try and create some free space. after i ran this command my server crashed. i had to restore from a backup VM. This command has worked before on some of my servers. what could have gone wrong?
  15. C

    File Replication Between 2 Servers

    I would like to do a file / directory replication between Geographically distributed servers. I am using CentOS 7, already tested GlusterFS, XtreemFS but I did not get good performance, I would like suggestions.
  16. sujatha90

    MongoDB Installaion - Ubuntu or CentOS?

    Hi, I Want to Install MongoDB for my new project. I have purchased a cloud VPS with 4 GB RAM from Digital Ocean. Ubuntu and CentOS are the two options i have. I want to know the best one which is perfectly suitable for MongoDB. Thank You
  17. P

    Is CentOS a derivative of RedHat?

    Is it correct to say that CentOS originated from RedHat or is a fork of RedHat?
  18. A

    Instrument driver compiled for debian on CentOS

    I have a point grey blackfly camera i want to address from centos. The driver libraries are compiled for ubuntu and, i have verified, work fine on that os. When I naively try to build the package (using dpkg to intstall some 10 .deb files) on CentOS, I see two errors: `dpkg (subprocess)...
  19. D

    Install CentOS broke my Ubuntu install, how can I fix it?

    I purchased a pretty average laptop with the goal of installing various flavors of Linux on for testing. The PC came with Windows 10. I first installed the latest Ubuntu LTS install onto a new partition, worked well and have been using for a couple of weeks. Today I had need to install CentOS...
  20. J

    Used ta be smart, now my smarticles are tired. Need advice, centos laptop.

    About 7-8 years ago, Linux was my blood. Unfortunately I got sucked into a job that was resource-intensive and NOT involving Linux. I want to get back to where I used to be. Looking for advice on the best laptop platform to run Centos 7. Yeah, I know, most threads are about the best OS to put in...