chrome os

  1. G

    Cannot turn on Linux on Chromebook

    Hello! I have a new ASUS Chromebook Vibe CX55 Flip. I cannot turn the Linux development environment on. Always says ChromeOS requires update, but there is no update available (current version 104). I tried to switch on beta channel, but I get the same message. Do you now any solution? Thank you!
  2. SwiftDragon

    Help with running a .sh file please

    I have been trying to launch RHRE3 (Rhythm Heaven Remix Editor) using the ./ command. I should probably mention a few things: - I am a brand new user of Linux (I just installed it yesterday, so yeah) -I am using the chromebook version, which I believe is a version of debian...
  3. B

    I'm the dummy who got a chromebook thinking "I'll never need to install anything! I'm just wanna watch netflix."

    I hate computer stuff. Please help me. I'm an English major. "Computer Science" is beyond me in every conceivable capacity. Anyway, I need to install Audacity on my Chromebook 14. I've read this :
  4. T

    Multiple instances of chrome user profile SingletonLock and SingletonCookie error.

    I restarted chromebook after login profile settings, extensions and apps were missing like a new profile. The computer prompted for a passphrase, after doing a ¨reset sync¨ trying to remove passphrase all data on settings, apps and extensions were removed. It did not resync with all the previous...
  5. Baxmin

    Chrome OS to Linux, Little help?

    I have just got a new(ish) Cromebook, model XE303C12-A01US. I need to know if #1 if i can even get a version of Linux on such a old Cromebook. #2 what would be a good version to put on my chromebook. I am a cartoonist and would like to install some drivers on my laptop for a pen tablet. and you...