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  1. Adithyansm

    [SOLVED] Some websites not loading in Linux

    Hello, everyone have a good day, I was bored with the old vlc skin and wanted to download some new skins, So I went to the vlc webpage and it was not working. I thought It was my network issue but when I tried in windows it works perfectly fine. I tried in 3 browsers (EDGE, FIREFOX, CHROME)but...
  2. craigevil

    Vivaldi says NO to Google's Idle Api

    Big update alert: Vivaldi says no to Google Idle API, improves Capture, Download Panel, Sync, adds 68 new languages to Translate, and more https://vivaldi.com/blog/vivaldi-gets-more-private-delivers-an-all-new-capture-pwa-support/#new_tab
  3. MatsuShimizu

    Chrome 94’s new feature to monitor users. Switch to Firefox - ITSFoss

    https://www.itsfoss.net/switch-to-firefox-from-chrome/ The new Google Chrome 94 launches what is known as the ” Idle Detection API “, or inactivity detection API . This API is able to detect developers when a user is inactive in the browser, indicating, for example, the lack of interaction with...
  4. $

    I am wondering how to get minecraft on chrome

    Could someone please comment how to get minecraft on chrome using linux or not :)
  5. S

    Deepin Linux chrome-based browser frame-rate issues

    I know that deepin is not exactly the most popular Linux distribution out there, but I have a pretty annoying problem with it. when I use the chrome install that came with the distribution everything works perfectly fine. The issue is deepin is not very good at having up to date packages and...
  6. blackneos940

    VirtualBox keeps spawning windows every time I open it :<

    So here I have a problem..... As the topic title says, every time I try and open VirtualBox (it's the latest version), VirtualBox keeps spawning more windows, and then closes each one (thank ADMIRAL ACKBAR, as it doesn't cause Linux to choke with too many open windows of a Program!.....) :3...
  7. A

    Looking For Lightweight Distro

    I am looking for a lightweight distro that I can use on a thin client right now and later replace with a raspberry pi. I need the thin client/raspberry pi to stream a video to and from a monitor attached to it and display a page with upcoming scheduled visits. I need it to be lightweight...
  8. L

    Upgrade Google Chrome on Ubuntu 12.04

    I am running Ubuntu 12.04 on an old Dell 8250 and it is so stable. Is there any work around to update Google Chrome? I heard that Google has stopped making updates for precise. Thanks for your anticipated reply.