1. G

    Cannot turn on Linux on Chromebook

    Hello! I have a new ASUS Chromebook Vibe CX55 Flip. I cannot turn the Linux development environment on. Always says ChromeOS requires update, but there is no update available (current version 104). I tried to switch on beta channel, but I get the same message. Do you now any solution? Thank you!
  2. W

    Linux Mint Cinnamon Beginner

    Hello all! I am very excited today because I have just installed Linux Mint Cinnamon on an Asus C423N Chromebook. I have completely erased chromeos and it automatically boots to Linux Mint. Everything works. Sound works, keyboard works, everything is perfect. Even got bluetooth to connect to my...
  3. J

    Generic Chromebook Issues

    Hi everyrone, This probably could have been made into seperate posts, however I believe the issues are at least somewhat similar in type as well as skill level. The first problem I have with my Acer Chromebook running Linux Lite (however I had the same issues with GalliumOS), is that after using...
  4. Aeos

    Trying to setup Sonic Pi on Chromebook Linux

    I'm a total newbie both to Sonic Pi and to Linux, figured I'd try installing Sonic Pi on my Acer Chromebook, but it just keeps on crashing. What could be going on here? Sonic Pi output: Output when I try to open JACK: 19:18:40.718 Statistics reset. Cannot connect to server socket err =...
  5. $

    I am wondering how to get minecraft on chrome

    Could someone please comment how to get minecraft on chrome using linux or not :)
  6. SwiftDragon

    Help with running a .sh file please

    I have been trying to launch RHRE3 (Rhythm Heaven Remix Editor) using the ./ command. I should probably mention a few things: - I am a brand new user of Linux (I just installed it yesterday, so yeah) -I am using the chromebook version, which I believe is a version of debian...
  7. Y

    Problems installing Unity on linux

    Good day, I install Unity on my ChromeBook (linux beta) following the instructions from this site - . however, when installing the package "UnitySetup", the terminal gives an error - How can this problem be solved? Thank you for your help!